Sunday, 17 February 2019

Practicing The Ecclesia

I have often use fellowship and ecclesia interchangeably but ecclesia is more complex than fellowship. While fellowship simply means the sharing of Life (Christ), while ecclesia, on the other hand, is the demonstration and practice of Christ the body. In the ecclesia there is fellowship but in a richer and more complex way.

The purpose of the local ecclesia is to demonstrate and express the reality of the spiritual reality of Christ the body. As we all know there is Christ the head (the bridegroom) and Christ the body (the bride), both are Christ, they make up one body, one person (Jesus, the glorified).

So whatever Christ the body is must be demonstrated and expressed in the local ecclesia. For example the body of Christ is the family of God. We are a family, that is why we meet in homes. We do not meet in homes simply because the early Christians meet that way, or because it is enacted in our constitution. I have heard many defending house church by arguing that we must all do it because it is how the first Christian do church — that is a very poor argument.

Nowhere was it written that Christians must meet at homes, in fact Christianity do not have a written law describing how this religion should be practiced. This is not like Judaism that has a detailed book of law (Torah), we simply do not have such and God purposely omitted it. It was not a mistake, He didn't forget to give us detail descriptions.

"But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people." (Jer 31:33).

God did not create such documents because He has already written it all in our hearts. It is all in Christ, and God put this Christ into our hearts. So we are not following a written law, the new testament Bible, is not the law of Christianity, it is simply a book made up of writings of authoritative personality in early Christianity — Christ is our law.

The law is Christ, we are practicing Christ. So the reason why we meet at home is because we must express Christ (the law), and in Christ the body is a family. In our local assembly we must express that reality of being a family, and a family meets at home. They gather every day around the table, share a meal, talk about their day and share their lives. These things are not done in a hall, that is why meeting in a hall is not a good demonstration or expression of Christ the body.

Another thing is that the body of Christ is the bride. Who is a bride, what does a bride do, and how can this be expressed unto God in our local assembly? These are questions we must find answers to in the practice of the ecclesia. We must learn the divine romance, and how to enter into the inner chamber collectively as a body in order to enjoy romance with our Lord.

The body of Christ is also the community of the kingdom of God. We are to express this in our local assembly. This means our local assembly should be like a community that takes care of it members, makes decisions and govern itself. The early Christians used to gather their money today, get food and other needs and then the deacons distributed them to ensure that each member are well taken care of. They were a self-sustaining community.

Today the body of Christ have turned into ministry, everything is all about ministry. Every penny contributed goes straight to ministry, the members are reduce to sponsors of the ministries of men. This is not a true expression of Christ the body. We are a community, each member in a local assembly should be treated as a member of a community. Their needs should be meant by that community, they should receive care and support from the community.

The body of Christ is also the house of God. This is also something that is very practical. A house is the living address of a person, it is where anyone can locate a person and pay him a visit. We are to be the house where God resides, where the anybody can come and visit God. There are many out there searching for God, if only God has an address here on earth. Yes, He does have an address and we are that address.

People should be able to come into our local assembly and have an encounter with God. Local assembly should be a place where people who are truly searching for God comes in and search no more. Sadly what we have in today's church is a religious experience; people come in to experience religion and those who are truly searching for God end up going home disappointed.

In the house each stones are built together to form ONE structure. Are we being built together in our local assembly? If we are not, then we have not been practicing Christ the body. These individuals stones (the members of the assembly) must be built in love into a house of God's taste.

Christ the body is also an army, a city, a body, a fellowship of priests and kings, a tree (the vine), a new creation, a river of living water etc. A proper new testament local assembly is one who puts all these things into practice and try to demonstrate these spiritual realities in our physical world.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Christ; The Head

I read stories of leaders who have such faithful followers — followers that are ready to do anything he says without questioning. No matter what the instruction may be, even if it means losing their lives or something they care about they simply follow without questioning. To the followers orders are orders and must be followed no matter what.

To be able to trust someone to the extent that you are sure whatever decision he makes is the best one. To be so loyal to a leader that you are ready to follow him to the pit of hell. These are just mortal leaders, men filled with imperfections. How many of us will follow Christ to the fire, how often have we hold back and ask a million questions? The ways of the Lord, His wisdom, is far beyond us yet we are so quick to question it.

"Who is able to advise the Spirit of the LORD? Who knows enough to give him advice or teach him?" (Isa 40:13).

Christ is our head and he is the wisdom of God. He is not in need of our advice, he always knows the right move to make, we are simply to follow. It doesn't matter whether we understand why he gives the instructions, we simply follow.

"Through faith we understand" (Heb 11:3).

Most often it is after we believe, trust and follow that we understand why he gave the instruction. If you have not exercise faith you will never understand. Most times we wait to understand before we have faith, such waiting is futile. By faith the mind of the Spirit is open and we can comprehend God to a degree. But first you must have faith and just follow. He is the head of the body, the body simply follows whatever comes from the head.

The body does not argue with the head of question the head, in fact it does not have the ability to do that. Those who are truly one with Christ have lost the ability to argue and question his decisions, they simply follow wherever he leads. The truth is that many of us have not know Christ as Lord. We know him as salvation, we know him as grace but we have not know him as Lord.

We have not seen him deal with us as Lord; we have not been handled by him as Lord. And this is because we have not know him deeply enough. Most of us are still in the beginning stages of relationship with God, the stages of salvation and grace. We have not yet entered the place of his Lordship where he breaks us and brings us into obedience. When you are broken you will lose the ability to argue and ask many questions, you will only know yieldingness.

The Head (Christ) desire to have a yielding body and this means each one of us must know his Lordship. We must all be handled by the strong arm of the Lord, we must be broken and brought into conformity and yieldingness to the Lord. When we finally have this we would have Christ fully functioning on earth fulfilling the Father's will.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

The Riches Of Fellowship Around Christ As A Person

True growth does not come from simply knowing about Christian topics and carrying out certain religious practices, rather it comes from walking with God, knowing him as a person. Our fellowship with one another is meant to enhance our spiritual growth. And if spiritual growth is based on knowing God personally shouldn't our fellowship be built around that?

When we gather around the person of Christ we are forced to know him personally. If you don't know him as a person how can you talk about him as a person, and you must have something to say in the meeting. You cannot come empty handed, for the requirement is that each member spend time walking with God and learning his person so that when they gather they can share what they are learning about his personality, help each other understand him better and know him, because knowing him as a person is true spiritual growth.

"May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God." (Eph 3:18-19).

Our individual perception are often not correct, but when we gather together to comprehend with the saints this beautiful and complex man (Christ) then we would be able to gain more understanding and know Christ. Here we are not studying a topic, we are studying a person, a personality. We are to comprehend and know Christ if we must be filled with the fullness of God, but we cannot comprehend him alone, we must do it with all saints.

So our fellowship is about this; you bring what you are learning of him and together we try to comprehend him and know him so that we might be filled with his fullness. You must bring something, you cannot come empty handed. If we come empty handed then fellowship cannot take place, but sadly Christianity have replaced true fellowship so that the members can come empty handed and still have fellowship.

We must purge ourselves from all that is not true and stick strictly to true fellowship, this way we would be forced to always bring something. We would be forced to pursue knowing him as a person, and learning something from our daily interactions with him. We would be forced to walk with him and be very conscious of our walk with him so that we would not miss him and what he is doing.

"So Jesus explained, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does." (John 5:19).

The Son is always looking out to see what the Father is doing. We are sons, and as sons we are to look out to see what the Father is doing and then when we meet we discuss the Father together and the things we see Him doing in our lives, in the body and in the world. So we are looking at God, trying to comprehend him together to truly know him for that is where spiritual growth lies.

The best way to study a living thing is by watching it live out its life in its natural habitat. If we are to get true knowledge of God we must what him living. Studying theologies of men will not take us very far, we need a firsthand knowledge, something birth out of an intimacy relationship with him. And we need a "church" structure that facilitate this.

Our current "church" structure only facilitate ministry and religion, we need true fellowship. We need a meeting that is structure to persuade the saints to pay more attention to their personal walk with him. If our fellowship is based on relationship with God then we would be able to achieve true and speedy spiritual growth.

Yes, there is so much riches in fellowshiping this way, we would have a generation of Christians who are razor-sharp focused on their personal walk with God and very conscious of Christ and the reality in him. They will have their life centered around Christ and he will become their occupation. When we give ourselves to this we would draw more riches and have a glorious Christianity.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Towards Having True Fellowship

"But if we walk in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other," (1John 1:7).

Christ is the light and we cannot have fellowship with each other except we are walking in Christ. Our fellowship is on the ground of Christ; we do not fellowship around theology, doctrines, ideas, concepts, religion, denomination and so on. We fellowship around Christ.

We cannot fellowship around Christ if we have not been walking in Christ. If all we know is theology, doctrines, church things and religion, we cannot help but fellowship around those things. We can only know Christ when we have been busy walking in the Light with the Father. And it is the riches that is brought out of this walk that becomes the bases of our fellowship.

What I am saying is that when we fellowship together we talk about things we have learnt while walking in the Light, we share experiences, he distribute gifts that we've absorbed while walking in the Light, we edify each other with what we have gotten from walking in the Light.

Only Christ is truly edifying to your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. No amount of motivational speech will do, theology and doctrines cannot go far enough, display of charisma is totally worthless, what they need from you is Christ, and how can you have Christ if you have not been walking in the Light.

If we are to have a true fellowship then we must have Christians who have mastered a daily and constant walk in the Light, and sadly we have very few of those. My dear, I have searched so I know. We lack true fellowship because Christians don't know how to maintain a consistent walk in the Light, and those that are even trying do not know how to distribute (share in the place of fellowship) the riches they have gotten from there — they don't know how to convert their walk in the Light into fellowship with the brethren.

We lack true fellowship and it is because of the way we have been configured. We have been configured to gather around religious activities (church service), theologies and doctrines. We just don't know how to gather around Christ. We don't know how to share Christ with one another, or talk about Christ.

Oh, we are very good in talking about topics, we can spend hours in that. But when it comes to talking about the person we just don't know how. We may know him, we may have fellowship with him, but we just don't know how to talk about him, we were not taught that. We are often scared that when we try to talk about him as a person we would not have much to say. And one of the causes of this problem is that we are not awaken or conscious enough in our walk in the Light.

Yes, you are walking in the Light but you are doing it so unconscious and as such you can't talk about it. It is only those few things that are difficult to ignore that you could remember and share with the brethren. You are just not conscious of it so you come out almost empty. We don't know how to draw riches in our walk in Christ. We were not taught to be awaken enough, to focus on drawing riches as we walk in the Light and that is why we keep coming to fellowship almost empty, with not enough Christ to share with the brethren.

There are a lot we must learn if we are to have true fellowship as a body;

We must learn to walk in the Light.

We must learn how to be consistent in this walk.

We must learn how to draw riches from this walk.

And we must learn how to share and distribute the riches in the place of fellowship.

When we learn these things then our fellowship with one another will be more glorious and rich — yes rich with Christ, not rich with religion or theology. Rich and glorious fellowship will result to speedy growth among Christians. We have a very long way to grow and we need speed. If we continue at this rate we would never be the sons that God wants us to be.

Most of us that manage to grow significantly did that struggling alone in our individual walk with God, and those that are not strong enough for this simple give up. Yes, we are too individualistic and there are many that are not strong enough for this individual struggle. The body was created to help the weak, and a rich fellow will be very helpful, it will reduce the amount of people who gives up, it will reduce the amount of people who gets stuck at some point, it will birth more mature Christians.

The Lord desire to see mature sons walk the earth and we are going to give him that. A true fellowship is the way to that, I have explained above what we need to get there. Please let us pursue this, let us not be contented with church service and teaching programs. Yes, they may have a lot of value but we also need true fellowship. We need brethren who are exploring the riches of Christ gather together and learn to edify each other, adorning each other with the riches they have gotten, that we might have a glorious bride, filled with the riches of the Lord. 

Monday, 4 February 2019

The Reformation Of Reconciliation

For too long we have approached God on religious grounds. Right from the beginning man have been religious, it is all we know. But Jesus came to bring relationship, he reconciled us to God, he made peace so that we can boldly and freely approach the Father.

We have shifted from religion to relationship. You may have heard this a number of times but we don't really realize how deep this is. When we hear Grace we think about a concept, a term. When righteousness is mentioned we still think about a concept, and when the topic of power is brought up we end up talking about it as another concept.

We haven't truly realize that the things of God is God Himself. We are still largely dealing with concepts, acts, practices, rather than a person — God. That is religion, it is all about practices, abstract concepts and all the many dead things (like objects and so). But relationship is about the person, it is all a dealing with the person. When we are talking about Grace we are talking about the person, if it is righteous that is the topic they should hear us talk about the person who is our righteousness. And the day we are talking about power, we talk about the person who is the power of God.

All our dealings and conversations should be about the person. When we get to that level then we can say we are truly dealing with God on the ground of relationship. But the truth is that it will be difficult to get there, it is not simply shifting from the way we talk about Christian things. It is shifting in the whole of our Christian walk.

When you haven't known Grace as a person how would you be able to talk about him? When you haven't met the person who is the power of God how would you be able to talk about him? When you haven't entered into fellowship with the One who is the Truth and learn his personality as Truth, what would you say if the topic is ever brought up. This brings Christianity to not just studying the concept, but knowing the person on the ground of relationship.

Rather than simply studying Grace as a concept we begin to seek to know Christ as Grace, to have relations with this dimension of Christ. There will be a shift from merely studying concepts to pursuing relationship with God in his many dimensions. Rather than, "I want to know what Grace mean; what is the definition of Grace?" Our question will become, "I want to know Christ as Grace".

I want to know Christ (as the power of God).
I want to know Christ (as my salvation).
I want to know Christ (as the wisdom of God).

"I want to know Christ", our focus shifting to the pursuit of the knowledge of him, the person (not a concept about the person). Yes, it is an holistic transformation of our Christian life; a complete reformation of how we approach Christianity. So sure, such level of transformation would be quite difficult. But this is what God desire, he wants relationship. And imagine how productive we would become if we do it God's way.

I am doing as much as I can in my teachings (although I wish to do more than just teaching) to produce this transformation, but we must all join hands and let this transform touch us individually and also let it affect those around us. It can become very infectious, bringing reconciliation (and not just religion or theology) to the people. Most of what is called reformation today is nothing but theology, but the kind of reformation that God desire is reconciliation — a reformation that brings the people into a living relationship with God, rather than filling them with head knowledge. Knowledge is good but that is not where it stops, the people must be brought into a living relationship with God.

Reconciliation into a living relationship is the kind of reformation that will produce the kind of fruit that God desire. The fruit of an intimate relationship is life. Yes, life is born out of that relationship. Life is what this dead  world needs, not dead concepts and theologies. Let each one of us begin to produce life in abundance as we engage God in an intimate way, then life will be everywhere, filling all things, bringing to life that which has been dead.

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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Men Whose Eyes Have Seen The King

This should be our greatest desire, "that I might see the King of Glory". Just a glimpse of him can totally revolutionize our lives. Yes, we often think we know him, we've read our Bible and we think we've figure him out, we have listened to sermons, read books and attended seminars and we have become satisfied with what we think we know about him.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing that can be subtituded for meeting him one on one and setting your eyes upon him. Have you come across one of those who have truly seen him? They burn with a fire so consuming and unquenchable. Their passion is irrevocable, they can't stop talking about him, they have become restless in the pursuit of his heart.

Do you know that feeling that you get when you see something really good and you just can't keep it to yourself, you want to share it, to get others to see it with you, it's so exciting that you can't stop talking about it? Now take that feeling and multiple it a thousand folds. This is a living witness, a sighting on the glory of the One who sits on the throne.

Too often we have Christians who preach from what they have heard and read, that is not witnessing. You cannot truly witness until you have truly seen him in his glory. What we need are people who have behold his glory, people who have gone up the mountain to meet him for themselves. And like Moses they come down with glory radiating on their faces, a glory shining so bright in a world filled with darkness.

The Lord sits on his throne in Mount Zion, only those who are passionate enough will climb up the mountain. Many are satisfied with just seeing him from a far, like the Children of Israel they are too afraid to come close and they have sent their pastor to go up the mountain for them. The truth is that nobody can experience this for you, you need to experience this for yourself.

You need to climb up the mountain, to overcome every resistance in your flesh, to climb above everything that is holding you back just so you can see the King for yourself. Yes, the death in your flesh is design to stop you from ascending into the presence of his glory but you must conquer all that, bring it into obedience, tremble upon it and climb into the presence of the King. This will require a lot of determination, your heart will be tested to unveil how much you want this.

""When you come looking for me, you'll find me. "Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else," (Jer 29:13).

The mountain can look so terrifying but if you desire him more than anything you will have enough volition to climb. Keep pressing in till you see him for yourself. Do not be satisfied with sermon, books and teachings, you need to see him for yourself, you need to be caught up in the fellowship on Mount Zion. Enter into the throne room and be surrounded by his glory, let your eyes gaze upon him and you will never remain the same.

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Monday, 28 January 2019

Christ Is Our Wealth

"In a loud voice they were saying: "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessings!"" (Rev 5:12).

" . . . that if one died for all, then were all dead . . ." (2 Cor 5:14)

If one died then all is dead. The Lamb (representing an animal, which is flesh) was slain, therefore all of us have had our flesh slain. When He died we all died, and when He received power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessings we also received these things. In Christ we've received these things, therefore Christ has become these things to us.

"But to those called by God to salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God." (1 Cor 1:24)

To us called unto salvation, Christ is the power of God; the wisdom of God; the wealth that God has given us, the strength that is made perfect (fully revealed) in our weakness; the honour, glory and blessings that God has given us. Yes, Christ is the wealth that we have received. Christ is the wealth of God unto us, for all the fullness of God dwells in Christ.

"For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ . . ." (Col 1:19).

The fullness of God dwells in Christ and God has given us Christ — He has given us His wealth. In Christ we are heirs of God — all that He has and all that He is now belongs to us. Yes, Christ is the wealth of God given to us.

Now let's bring it down to the issue of money and material possessions, for it is wrong to just end it here. We must understand that Christ is the God who is spirit becoming flesh. Yes, in Christ, the God who is spirit becomes flesh. He manifests as flesh. Therefore it is wrong to end it in the level of spirit, we still need to see how that which is spirit becomes flesh — for as long as we are talking about Christ we must look at it in the spirit and also how it is manifested in the flesh.

When it comes to money and material things some Christians just love to leave it all in the spirit, forgetting that in Christ the spirit becomes flesh. Faith is spirit but without physical works, it is dead. Yes, in Christ the spirit must manifest physically otherwise it is dead. If it does exist in the spirit then it must find expression or manifestation in the natural. As a result, it is wrong to say that in the spirit we are already righteous and need not be righteous physically (in deeds). I am saying this because some Christians have concluded that this wealth we have in Christ is spirit and it doesn't need to manifest physically or materially. Yet still, some other Christian have wrongly interpreted how this wealth is to manifest physically.

“The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts." (Hag 2:8)

"For the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” (1Cor 10:26)

" . . . whether Paul or Apollos or Peter, or the world, or life and death, or the present and the future. Everything belongs to you . . ." (1 Cor 3:22)

In Christ is the fullness of God and in this fullness is the fact that the earth and all that is in it — the silver and the gold — all belongs to God. All things belong to God and because we are now in Christ, all things belong to us. Yes, the earth and all that is in it — the silver and the gold — all belong to us in Christ. Some people's hearts have begun to beat fast, they fear the corruption that such knowledge will bring. Yes, all the gold on earth belongs to you (that could be very tempting) but you don't need to fear the flesh; just rest in conformity to His death, for in His death you died to the flesh.

What does all this mean? It means we are not slaves to money and material possessions. We do not serve them like the world does. They belong to us; they are under our dominion; and we are seated far above them all. We do not serve mammon; we do not bow to money, rather money bows to us. A wealthy man is one who has control over a large amount of possessions. These possessions are subject to him; he commands their obedience; they bend to his will — this is what being wealthy means. In Christ, the whole earth and all that is in it is subject to us; all the silver and gold bend to our will (our will in Christ, not our will in the flesh). Can you now see why we are also wealthy materially? We are the most wealthy people on earth.

This is the truth and reality in Christ. Just because you are not walking in this reality doesn't mean it is not true. In Christ, we are the most wealthy people on earth. We command silver, gold, money and all other material resources and they all obey. Jesus didn't need a big fat bank account to feed five thousand men. He simply commanded the resources and they obeyed. When He was to pay tax, He commanded His disciples to go get money from the mouth of a fish (Matt. 17:24–27). Money and resources have always been subject to Him. They have to obey, for they all belong to Him. All through His ministry, Jesus operated in that level. He got every piece of resources He needed for His ministry because all resources on earth are subject to Him and obey Him.

You see, it is never about having a large sum in your bank account or having some properties in your name. Rather it is about living in dominion — sitting above all — commanding obedience and exercising your right. By right, all things belong to you because you are the heir of God, and in Christ God died and wrote a testament in His blood. Yes, this is your reality and even though you may not be walking in it right now, as you grow in Christ you will grow into this reality. The more you conform to His death, the more you manifest sitting on the throne — far above all things.

So dying in Christ does not mean you are going to be poor and afflicted with suffering. If one in Christ lives very poorly, it is only for the sake of humility. Jesus, when He walked on earth owned all things yet He lived in a very simple way. Simplicity and humility are a nature of the Son and we are now sons. Just because one is looking simple doesn't mean that he is poor. In fact in the world today, there are very wealthy people who prefer to look simple or live simple. We do not need to look wealthy in order to be wealthy. As long as we are seated far above all things, we are wealthy.

The notion behind many teaching on financial prosperity is that you are only wealthy when you have a large sum in your bank account and a lot of material properties in your name. This is a very wrong notion for those in Christ. Whether you have some money in your bank account or not, whether you have some properties in your name or not, it just doesn't change the fact that Christ is your wealth and Christ does manifest in the flesh. Each time you are able to command the obedience of material resources by (or because of) the power of God you are manifesting Christ — your wealth.

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