Friday, 18 December 2015

A Sight Of The Greatness Of Christ

We usually talk about how mighty angels are, "Oh, they are huge giants with a lot of muscles", "they are mysterious beings with wings", "oh, how beautiful and strong is an angel" and so on. But let see what the writer of the book of Hebrews says about angels in comparison with Christ.

"But to which of the angels has He ever said: “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool”? Are they [the angels] not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?" (Heb 1:13-14).

Christ is greater than the angels, yes he sits far above every angel and his very presence will make all the strength, beauty and mysteries of the angels seem insignificant. Christ is the greatest of mysteries, he is the model of beauty and his strength is greater than all.

We also talk about the heavens and how beautiful it is, we say "oh, heaven is more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine" and "oh, the streets of heaven are made with gold, the riches of heaven is far beyond any we can ever see on earth". But do you know that the beauty of heaven is brought to nothing in comparison to the beauty of Christ. And the riches of Christ is beyond what the eyes could capture, it is unsearchable, yes Christ is far richer than the 'heavens'.

Look at the universe, filled with wonders. Men stand in awe at the wonders of the universe; the bright and beautiful sun; the millions and millions of twinkling stars. We are struck with awe and amazement at the beauty of the galaxy and the mystery of the outer space. And the earth, so unique and beautiful. Go into the sea and behold the wonders of the sea life, the diversity and mysteries that lies in the depth of the ocean. Look upon the scenery of the lands of this earth, the uniqueness of the desert, the hills and mountains, the valleys, the plains and the beaches. We are overwhelmed by the activities of the wild life, the beauty of the forest and the diversity of animals. But the truth is that all of these wonders becomes utterly insignificant when it stands in comparison with  the glory of Christ. Oh, how the effulgence of the sun seems as dark as the night in the presence of the glory of Christ.

At the unveiling of the greatness of Christ the rainbows cries for lack of colours, the mighty winds and waves losses it strength, the sea life suffers for want of mysteries and diversity, the greatest of mountains seem too small, the ocean depth feels not deep enough, the universe becomes too limited and the outer space becomes uninteresting, the beauty of the forest and the treasures of the land becomes unattractive and even the precious stones losses it beauty and it significant. They are all brought to nothingness in comparison with the significant of Christ.

Men, filled with pride and so self-centered. So intelligent, so skillful, and so talented. Look at all the wisdom and knowledge we possess,  and the amazing things we've invented. Oh, the riches we have gathered and the importance we place on our many desires. Look at how organize we are, well coordinated and planed societies. And how we boast of our achievement and take pride in our abilities.

The fascination of the beauty of our women and the sweetness of being in love. Oh, the joy and happiness of having a family and surrounded by love ones. Our rich history with various civilizations; the revolutionary wars, battles and crisis; and the tales of the greatest of victories, with the heroes and heroine. Our diverse cultures, rich with traditions and artifacts. But when all of these comes face to face with the greatness of Christ it is brought to utter nothingness, they all seem to become nothing but waste.

The presence of the Lord Jesus will lay waste all our own strength; all our natural wisdom; all our pride; all our impetuosity.
Yes, all the wisdom of man combine together would look like utter foolishness; our numerous knowledge would become too empty and meaningless; our desires and fascinations would be counted as dung; our societies that we boast of how organize they are, suddenly seems to be in total disorder; all our wonderful technologies and brilliant inventions would become a dump of rubbish; our achievement that we take pride in would become worthless waste; our culture that we greatly respect would be thrown into the waste bin; our nation and the various courses that we have pledge our allegiance to would be counted as loss and all those things we hold in high esteem would be rubbish beneath our feet when we behold and catch a sight of the greatness of Christ. The sight of Christ brings everything to nothingness. If only we could see how great he his our eyes would open and we would suddenly become uninterested in any other thing but him and him alone.

Many of us have seen what the forces of darkness can do and how diabolic they are. Fear grips us at the thought of the kind of evil things they are capable of. Many live there lives in constant fear of the powers of hell. Pastors would climb to the pulpit and start describing how evil the devil is, how effective are the curses of the evil ones, even passing from generations to generations. You go out and you hear all the talk about evil and you wonder how active and effective the devil is. But if only you could see the greatness of Christ, you would laugh at the devil. You would be like Daniel, dancing and having fun in the lion's den.

And look all through the ages, the powers of darkness that have gathered up against Christ. Oh, all the effort they have put to shut the testimony of Christ. In the first century they took hold of the greatest empire and all the resources of that empire focused on crushing a group of people that were refer to as "men and women that the world consider as nonsense, the weak and despise, these nobodies" (1Cor 1:27-28). But yet the great Roman empire failed in crushing these nobodies, but instead it was taken over by them all because they possesses the name of Christ.

Oh! all the crisis in hell and all the demons running mad in panic because of  the procession of the glory of that name. Then Jesus turn to his Church and said, "even if the combine forces of the powers of hell is emptied and unleashed against you, it would not leave a crack or even a mark on the wall of the salvation that I have given you".
The Bible says:
"that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Phi 2:10-11).

Yes! Exactly, mountains would bow, seas would row, the whole earth and the heaven would be shaken, every leg would shiver and knees would bow, the devil shall be brought to shame, he cannot stop his knees from bowing, his strength lay waste in total weakness, his power fails him and every living creature is struck with awe at the unveiling of greatness of the person of Christ Jesus. 

If only we could just have a glimpse of the greatness of Christ, what a change it would bring - what a revolution. What we all need today is the revelation of the greatness of Christ.

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