Friday, 25 December 2015

Christ Is The Ultimate Goal Of The Christian

What is the goal of a Christian? What exactly are we pursuing as a Christian? This is one question that many Christians had try to answer but the best answer they could come up with is 'heaven'. But is that all? is that all we live for, just to get to heaven? are we only to wait for Christ coming and try to do things that would make us qualify for heaven? No it is not about waiting for Christ or going to heaven there must be more.
All through the Scriptures we see God so busy, pursuing something with so much determination. It is almost like He is obsess with it. He deals harshly with whoever or whatever tries to be an obstacle, He gives out complete details of how He want things to be done and He demands that they are don't exactly how He prescribes, He didn't tolerate any mistake. He refused to totally destroy man despite all their sins.
He won't give up on a nation who seem to be very stubborn and disobedient. What exactly had made God so restless? What is He so passionate about? We as God's people must know.
We must assist God in getting that which He desires. Yes we must be drive by His passion and become obsess with God's obsession. The Christian life is not about pursuing our selfish interest of going to heaven and enjoying for eternity. Oh, how have we become so selfish that we are blinded to see that our God is so hungry for something. But what can that thing be?
It is Christ, yes it is Christ that God is so obsess with. Christ is the fulfilment of all the laws, ceremonies and tradition that God prescribed with so much details. They were all meant to be a shadow of the coming reality which is Christ himself (Col 2:16-17; Heb 9:10-11 & 10:1).
Yes God is obsess with Christ because he is the visible image of God. God seek to be revealed, He wants the whole creation to see His power, glory and beauty. Jesus understands this that is why on earth he was busy representing God, by doing and speaking only want he had seen of his Father (John 8:28,38; 10:37; 14:12). Jesus desires to glorify his Father through his glorification (John 14:13; 17:1,4-5). When Christ is glorified God is also glorified.
Therefore the ultimate goal of a Christian is revealing and glorifying Christ.
John made a statement "But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified." (John 7:39).
John is saying the Holy Spirit was not yet given because Jesus had not been glorified. This means that the purpose of the Holy Spirit was to reveal the glorified Christ in and through the believers.
The apostles also, earnestly desired the glorification of God through Christ Jesus (Act 4:30), in fact that is what they spend there life doing. The second coming of Christ which we are suppose to hunger for is all about the unveiling of the glorified Christ (2The 1:10). 

Therefore the ultimate goal of a Christian is to be a vessel by which the Holy Spirit unveil the glorified Christ. As a Christian we are to desire to see Christ being unveiled in all of his glory through our life so that the whole world will see and acknowledge the great and mighty God.
The ultimate goal of Christianity is not evangelizing the world neither is it waiting to go to heaven but it is Christ being glorified through his people.

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