Monday, 28 December 2015

The Fellowship Of Christ

"God [is] faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord." (1Cor 1:9).
Most of us believe that fellowship is when a group of believers gathered together to worship God. Such a definition is shallow because you can not always use that definition everywhere the word fellowship is mentioned in the Bible (you can look it up yourself). But a more simpler and universal way of defining fellowship as used in the Bible is "to share, to partake". For example "the fellowship of his suffering" (Phi 3:10) means to partake of his suffering and "the fellowship of the mystery" (Eph 3:9) means to partake in the mystery. Now our opening verse says  we are "called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ", this means we are called to partake of Christ.
What does it means to partake of Christ? It means we are brought into the experience of Christ, to experience the life of Christ and go through what Christ went through. When Paul said he wants the fellowship of his suffering, he meant that he wants to experience the suffering that Christ went through. When one is in the fellowship of his suffering the person would feel like he is together with Christ on the cross and partaking  of the suffering that Christ went through. The fellowship of his suffering is an aspect of the fellowship of Christ. The fellowship of Christ means to share and partake in everything that has to do with Christ. It means we are to experience or partake of his suffering, his death, his resurrection, his resurrection life, his ascendancy, his throne of glory, his power, his reign etc.
We are not just to learn about and believe that he went through all those things but we are also to experience it ourselves. The books of the gospels is filled with the story of Christ but it is not just showing us all the things that Christ experience but the things that we would experience if we believe in Christ. Therefore all those who believe in Christ are called to come and experience the pain of his suffering, to experience what it means to be dead, to experience the power of his resurrection, to experience what it means to live by the resurrected life, to experience what it means to ascend above everything, to experience what it means to sit on the throne of glory and rule over principalities and power, to experience what it means to posses so great a wisdom, to experience what it means to be persecuted and etc. Yes we are to experience everything that has to do with Christ.
This is what we are called into and as long as we continue to follow God we would surely pass through all these things. The reason why many Christians doesn't pass through all these things is that their relationship with God is messed up. We are so focus on trying not to sin and doing various religious things but God wants to take us through the life of Jesus. It's the most wonderful thing to experience what our Lord Jesus pass through and to be put in his shoes. We should look forward to not just knowing the story of Jesus but to have a living experience of it. Paul at his old age cried out "that I may know him and... the fellowship of his suffering", the apostles rejoice when they are brought into the fellowship of his persecution. Therefore we are to desire the fellowship of Christ, pursue it, allow God to take us into it and rejoice when we experience it.

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