Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Christ Is The Christian Doctrine

What is the Christian doctrine? For decades there had been this search for the true Christian doctrine and everybody have tried to come up with their own idea of what the Christian doctrine is. But what we fail to realize is that the Christian doctrine is not a thing in itself, not a set of beliefs and practices but a person. The Christian doctrine is alive, yes he lives and he is Christ. We try so hard to understand Christianity, try to search the Scripture and construct the correct Christian doctrine that would guide us in our Christian walk. But the truth is that God's people would not be guided by a dead thing constructed by men, instead we are guided by the living doctrine - the doctrine of the person of Christ Jesus. Life is not built but born and there is no doctrine constructed by the hands of man that could ever have life. Even if we use the Bible to reconstruct a doctrine it would never have life, for life can only be born not built.
The true Christian practice cannot be constructed or drafted by man. The practice must be born by the Life of Christ in us. The Christian doctrine is not something that can be captured in a paper. For it is a person and that person is our Lord. So brothers and sisters we are not following a set of beliefs and practices, we are following a living person. Yes Jesus is our belief and our practice. I do not mean that we should study the life of Jesus while he was on earth and try to practice it. I am talking about practicing the Christ that lives in you. Yes, living by the indwelling life of Christ, believing in that life and practicing that life.
Now the next question that follows is, how do we follow this living doctrine? The truth is that we don't know how to live by life, we always need a set of rules to tell us what to do and this is as a result of our deadness. We are so dead, too carnal and life seem to be too strange to us. We crack our brain wonder, "how are we suppose to live without well defined rules and well known practices, it's impossible?" No, it's not impossible, in Christ we have pass from death to life, called to uphold the life. We follow the living doctrine by responding to the spiritual impulses and cravings and relying on the divine instincts of a child of God in Christ. We become awaken to the indwelling Christ by the Spirit and through the truth. We also coordinate our expression of the Life by looking at those who have lived by it or who is living by the Life. Even in doing this we need the help of the Spirit all the way. But if you are a Christian and if you want to be a true Christian then you must learn to follow the living doctrine which is Christ himself.

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