Monday, 18 April 2016

Christ: The Rejected King

Looking very closely at the history of Israel one would realize that it is prophetic. We could see God's sovereignty in every events in the history of Israel and God's hands in anything is mainly to reveal Himself. Look at all that God created it reveals His nature, the very constituents of Christ. Here also in the history of Israel we find God's hands every where, in every event. God was using the history of Israel to reveal the constituents of Christ. The Church is the body of Christ and the body of Christ is Christ itself. Therefore the Church is Christ, it constituent Christ. Now the history of Israel was meant to reveal what would happen in the Church, it prophesied about the Church.
"Give us a king to judge us like all the other nations" (1Sam 8:5).
Israel demanded for a king, they wanted to be like other nations of the world forgetting that they were called out of the nations of the world to be an holy nation onto God. "I am the one they have rejected as their king" the Lord replied (1Sam 8:7). God wanted to be their king, He wanted to rule them Himself but they rejected Him. And as the Bible says, "If we reject Him, He will also reject us." (2Tim 2:12) God cannot force Himself on us. The Israelites rejection of the kingship of God prophesied about the Church rejection of the kingship of Christ. Yes, the Church have rejected the rulership of Christ and we have demanded that man should rule over us just like the world. In the world every kind of body, be it an organization or any group usually have a man head, a ruler that retain most of the power.
God wanted a people without man head or leadership. He wanted a people He could rule directly. That is why Christ lives in every one of us, this would allow the head to be connected to every member of the body. Hence direct reign can be possible. Christ is king and he lives in every one of us to rule us directly, he doesn't need to rule through another man when he could do that directly through his indwelling Spirit. But we, as the Church have deaden ourselves to the indwelling Lord and we've replace his kingship with that of men. We have made men our king, we've subjected ourselves to the reign of men. Look at every Christian group or organization, it is headed and ruled by men. Men calls the shot, gives the order and controls the group. They claim they are ruling the people for God but God never wanted a king for His people. It wasn't until the Church rejected the kingship of Christ (just like the Israelites) that God decided to anoint men to rule over His people. But this is not God's perfect will and we must return to God's perfect will.
“This is how your king will treat you, He will make soldiers of your sons; some of them will serve in his war chariots, others in his cavalry, and others will run before his chariots. He will make some of them officers in charge of a thousand men, and others in charge of fifty men. Your sons will have to plow his fields, harvest his crops, and make his weapons and the equipment for his chariots. Your daughters will have to make perfumes for him and work as his cooks and his bakers. He will take your best fields, vineyards, and olive groves, and give them to his officials. He will take a tenth of your grain and of your grapes for his court officers and other officials. He will take your servants and your best cattle and donkeys, and make them work for him. He will take a tenth of your flocks. And you yourselves will become his slaves. When that time comes, you will complain bitterly because of your king, whom you yourselves chose, but the Lord will not listen to your complaints.” (1Sam 8:11-18).
God gave this warning to Israel, telling them of what would befall them when men rule over them. Look at the Church today, can't you see the deserter of this warning upon God's people. Our man king (whatever we may call them; be it pastor, bishop, presbyter, pope, apostle, prophet etc) have cause so much calamity upon us. They have used us as their servant, maked us to work as slaves for their own interest, we have been made to do their bidding and they have taken that which belongs to us. They have taken our money and our properties. The offerings or contributions of the early Church were given to the poor and those that were suffering and needed the money. But today our kings have made themselves rich with the contributions of the Church. They live in luxury while God's people are suffering in poverty. We have sell ourselves to our kings, we've dedicated ourselves to pursue their interest - their so called ministry. We've built empires for them and they have afflicted us with heavy labour.
Now we cry! We are tired of our situation; our people are poor while wealth are being transferred into the house of our kings. No money to help the poor because all our revenue is concentrated on building empires for our kings. We've given ourselves as slave to our kings yet we are suffering, we are getting nothing in return. Our kings are exploiting us, taking advantage of our sincere devotion. Yes, we've seen our affliction and now we cry. Who would save us from the hands of these ruthless kings. We cry to God for help, but this is our own doing. God never wanted us to have a king, yet we blame God saying, "It is the men that you anointed that have afflicted us, they have cause us to grieve, they have cause us to hate Christianity". But God would not listen to us because we brought this upon ourselves. We must return to God's perfect will - yes, we must return to make Christ our king. We must learn to allow Christ rule us directly through his indwelling Spirit. 

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