Friday, 22 April 2016

The Church; The Rejected Kingship

The word of God reveals that God accomplished His eternal purpose in Christ (Eph 3:11). His eternal pursuit was finally acquired in Christ. In the Old Testament we discover that there are certain things that God desire but He couldn't get it in Israel. God never fails and He never gives up, so He went on to pursue these desires until He got it in Christ. God wanted to have a kingdom of priests, a nation of kings and a people of prophets. But the people of Israel failed God and instead of what He desired God got a tribe of priest, a people ruled by two kings and an office of prophets. God didn't give up, He refused to take anything less than what He originally desired and the Bible reveals that He finally accomplished this in Christ.
"And have made us kings and  priests to our God;  And we shall reign on the earth.” (Rev 5:10).
In Christ God finally found a nation where everybody is a king. He established a people of kings. No body rules or lead another for they are all kings themselves. They are all connected to Christ the King and they share from his kingship. Christ rules all creation both in heaven and on earth through and with every one of these people. There is no hierarchy among them for they are all kings equal in status. This people is the Church, the body of Christ.
This is what God had already accomplished in Christ but how is this spiritual reality express today? The truth is that we the Church have rejected this kingship. We have refused to acknowledge and express it, instead we follow the ways of the world and like Israel we cry out to God, "give us a king to judge us like all the other nations" (1Sam 8:5). We reject our all-inclusive kingship and we deprive God of that which He desire, that which He had already accomplished. We demand that God should anoint kings among us and make the rest of us subject, commoner, peasant. What foolishness! Who have bewitched us? How could we have reject royalty to settle for peasantry. We have been blinded and in ignorance we've rejected our kingship.
Now we complain. We've seen the tyranny of our kings and the affliction of peasantry and now we complain! We cry out to God for salvation, demanding that He rescue us from this affliction. But no, we put ourselves in this mess and only by ourselves can we be free. We must rebel against our kings and take back our right to be kings. But the foolish ask, "how can everybody in a nation be king?" They doubt the potency of God. God had already accomplished this kingship in Christ and it must be express by His people. There is no other solution for the affliction we suffer from our kings (whatever we may call them; be it pastor, bishop, presbyter, pope, apostle, prophet etc). We must rebel against this system or we would continue to suffer from the maladies of church politics, the tyranny of church leaders, the enslavement of so called 'work for God' impose on us by our leaders, the blaspheming and humiliation from people drunk with power, corruption of christian leaders , the shame and ridicule placed upon Christianity by diabolic leaders etc. These would continue to plague us until we repent and fulfill God's original desire. We break from this system and start expressing our all-inclusive kingship as it is in Christ. We must start living the reality that is in Christ.

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