Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Headship Of Christ In The Local Church

Christ is the head of the Church, not just the whole body of Christ but also the individual local churches. We have previously establish that the local church is the Christian meeting itself. Therefore when we are talking about the Headship of Christ in the local church we mean Christ heading the Christian meeting himself. Yes Christ must head our meetings in a real and experiential way. The head is connected to every member of the body because Christ lives in every one of us. The Christ that is in me is not different from the Christ that is in you. It is one person connected to every member seeking to express himself collectively through a body of believers as they gather. Many Christian would agree with me that we gather to worship God together. But worship can only be done by the priest, it is the priest that offer the sacrifice as a worship onto God. Christ is the priest and he wants to offer sacrifice to worship God through us. God have rejected the sacrifice of man, we cannot worship God for our worship is unworthy to Him. We have to let Christ worship the Father through us. The Christian meeting is Christ worshipping the Father through a body of believers.
He must be the one that pulls the people together to meet, the meeting must be as a respond to a spiritual instinct to meet. The meeting must be initiated by Christ and everything done in the meeting must be a response to the spiritual stimulus from Christ the head. The whole body of believers in that meeting must be awaken to Christ the head. Yes this is very possible and this is the church that God seeks to establish on earth, this is the rock cut not with the hands of man that would crush into small pieces the kingdom of darkness (Dan 2:34-35). The reason why many churches are ineffective against the power of darkness in their society is because they have refuse to allow Christ be their head.
Look closely at the way Christian meet today, the meeting is centered around the pastor, he is the head of the meeting. The chairs or paws are arrange to face the alter and pulpit and every action of the congregation is initiated from that pulpit. The people are headed, directed and controlled by anyone who stand at the pulpit. This is unspiritual and unholy, the people of God are not meant to focus and depend on something carnal (something perceivable by the five senses) to direct them in their worship. We are all meant to focus on Christ and let him direct and control every of our action as we worship. Under the Headship of Christ when we worship there are many spontaneous response to the stimulus from the Head (Christ in us). But yet we worship in a harmony that is so flawless, it's a product of the God who created the order and harmony in the world, it's a product of the Spirit of harmony and our Lord who holds all things together in harmony. It is not many people worshipping but one person worshipping through and with every part of his body as the Spirit hold together every part of the body and causing reactions from each member as directed by the Head.

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