Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Threshold

A threshold is the bottom-most part of a doorway that one crosses to enter, you cannot enter a house without crossing the threshold. In the ancient time among the Semitic people the father is the family's priest and the altar of sacrifice is at the threshold. It is at the threshold that animals are sacrificed. When God called Moses to the mountain and told him how the temple should be, the altar of sacrifice is located at the entrance of the temple and that is how the temple had always been.

You cannot enter the temple without passing the altar - here embodies a spiritual principle. The altar represent the cross and it is located at the entrance of the house, for the Church is the house of God. The Spirit is trying to tell us something, he is saying the only way to the house of God is the altar of sacrifice, yes It's the cross. In the house of God lies the presence of God, you find the fullness of God, the household of God. It is in the House that we come face to face with God, we encounter Him. But you cannot enter the House without crossing the threshold, you have to pass through the altar of sacrifice. Also in the New testament we find the cross before Pentecost, the cross is the only way to the Church.

This means that before we enter into the House of God we must first experience the altar. We must experience the cross, it is not enough to just hear about the cross and believe the cross but we must experience the cross, for you cannot avoid it. The reason for the weakness of Christianity today is because we have not enter the presence of God's power that lies in the house. And we have not entered because we have refuse to cross the threshold, we run away from the experience of the sacrifice. The more experience the cross the more we get closer to expressing the Church according to God's full thought. The only way we can bring down or manifest on the earth, the Church according to God's full thought is by going deeper in our experience of the cross.

How does one become a Christian? It is a spiritual thing, the person must be brought to a place where he says "from today on I am dead, I have been crucified with Christ and l no longer live but Christ now lives through me, for he is my Lord and my life". This is not just a speech, for it springs out from the heart and it is a response to the in-working of the Holy Spirit to make the person have a living encounter of the cross. It is the encounter of the cross, it is passing through threshold that one become a member of the household.

The bride of the first man, Adam was not created from the dust, she was formed purely from the bone of her husband. She has nothing to do with the dust and the dirt of the earth, for she is purely from Adam. So also the Church was created out of the second man, she is purely Christ, for she has nothing to do with the flesh. There is nothing like flesh in the Church and that is why the altar is at the door of th Church. Anybody that wants to enter into the Church, to become a member of the Church must allow their flesh die at the altar before they can gain entrance into the Church. Yes, all flesh must die at the cross before we can truly experience what it means to be a body of Christ.

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