Monday, 16 May 2016

The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ

This world is rich, the earth is created in riches. Those who explore the earth never seem to reach an end tll it riches, the ocean deep and all  the mysteries that lies therein. After decades of exploring the ocean it still manage to hid from us mysteries yet unraveled. Look at the unending space, the beauty of the galaxthe amazing things we've create out of the knowledgeuniverse. Could we ever reach an end in unraveling the riches of the mystery it holds? Behold the greatness of the mystery of this infinite universe. Could our eyes be made to gaze upon the ends of the world? Each time we think we've seen it all we stumble upon another unraveled mystery. We find ourselves stricken with unending awe. There would always be the unknown, alway would there be things yet to be discovered,  mysteries yet unraveled.
Oh, the riches of the knowledge of this world. Scientists say they know very little about this world, in fact they say the knowledge we have of this world is not up to 30%. But look at the amazing things we've created out of that little knowledge, look at the vast riches of that knowledge despite how little it is. Our minds can not yet imagine the things we could make out of the knowledge about the earth. Yes the riches is unending, it's the unsearchable riches of the world. Decades after decades more riches are ddiscovered, and there never seem to be an end to exploring these riches. Indeed the world is unsearchable in it's riches but yet it a only a flimsy flash of the glory of Christ. Yes it is but a shadow of the greatness of the riches of Christ.

Christ is unsearchable in his riches. We think we've known Christ, we think we've ffigured it out, we know what Christ is all about. But no there are riches -immeasurable, unsearchable riches. Can we ever, even with all the time in eternity grasp the length, the breath, the height and the depth of the riches of Christ? This is a mission impossible. Each time we think we've known it all and see it all, he amazes us with another unique revelation of himself. We try to build a box that could contain him, we try to construct a system built around the boundaries of the fullness of Christ. But Christ transcend every box we build, he surpassed and extend beyond any system we could construct. He doesn't have a boundary, he is infinite. He can not be contained, for there is no end to his fullness.
Oh! What an excitement, what an adventure is the occupation of exploring the riches of Christ.

This is a job that occupies, a job that leaves no time for any other thing. Our hands are filled occupied with this business, our schedule have no more space for another, for this is our eternal occupation - exploring the unsearchables riches of Christ. Oh, it's a mission impossible but each steps is a joy unspeakable. We search restlessly like possessed people, we are captive of this obsession, for the beauty and awesomeness of these riches have cause us to lose our mind. We are crush with the surpassing greatness of the riches of Christ and even more, it is unsearchable in it measure.

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