Monday, 30 May 2016

Utterly Onto God

The Church have so much power beyond our imagination but we cannot exercise the power until we become utterly onto God. We must learn to be that sacrifice, learn to remain on the altar and learn to cross the threshold in order for us to be the Church that God wants us to be. Yes! We must die, for this is the only way to power. Our Lord and forerunner died before he was glorified and given all the power in heaven and on earth. We also must follow this way for this is the only way. The covenant means that God and the Church are now one - the Church onto God and God onto the Church. The Church onto God means death and submission while God onto the Church is Christ. Christ is the meaning and the product of the union of God and the Church. Therefore the expression of the union is the expression of Christ. Christ is the union, he is the embodiment of the union. The power that the Church has is base on the union, until we come into the fullness of that union we are nothing. The covenant is the union and the union is Christ. Keeping or honoring the covenant means honoring and keeping to the conformity of Christ. Yes, keeping the covenant means to be utterly Christ.
We must be conform to Christ, we must be nothing else but Christ. We must have nothing else but Christ, do nothing else but Christ say nothing else but Christ. WE MUST BE UTTERLY CHRIST! For this is the union, this is the covenant and this is our power. Anything of ourselves must die; our ideas, our abilities, our style, our system, our wisdom, our knowledge etc they must all die. For the union is nothing else but Christ and out of that union we are nothing. We can't achieve anything significant, we have no power and we are nothing but another organization or religion without the union. It is the union that makes us a Church and without it we can't be the Church that God desires.
How do we keep the covenant? The answer is still; we must be utterly Christ. Our doctrine must be utterly Christ, our messages must be utterly, our ministration must be utterly Christ and our lives as a Church or as Christians must be utterly Christ. Christ must be at the center, the body, the circumference and even the edges. Christ must be all in all. Nothing would do than total conformity to Christ. What we need is not better evangelical strategy, or more zeal, or better mobilization... No! Non of this would do, it is conformity to Christ that would work. Yes, utter submission to the covenant which is embodied in Christ. We can't run away from this, for God has set the cross before us, it is either death or death!

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