Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Ascendency Of Christ

"He who descended is also the One who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill all things." (Eph 4:10).
It is God's desire to fill all with Himself through Christ. And He will achieve this through the ascendency of Christ. Notice this Christ descend in order to ascend and through his ascendency he would fill all things and achieve God's eternal purpose. Christ ascendency is not just about his physical ascending to heaven, he must also ascend in all things in order to fill all things. He must ascend in our lives in order to fill our lives with himself, he must ascend in our marriage in order to fill it with himself, he must ascend in our businesses, our politics, our academics, our doctrine, our church practices etc in order to fill it all with himself. This is how God's eternal pursuit would be accomplished. We are called into the fellowship of the mystery of God before the foundation of the earth and this mystery is God's eternal plan, His ageless pursuit. Therefore we are to fellowship with Him in bring this plan to realization - Christ filling all in all.
When we got born again Christ descended into us and we must allow Christ ascend in our lives, he must ascend to the uttermost significant in every aspect of our lives. He must ascend in our thoughts and desires, let him become our highest desire and greatest obsession. Let the thought of him posses our mind and let the desire for him capture our heart. Let Christ gain ascendency in our words, let our mouth be filled with him. Let us find ourselves always talking about him. Let Christ ascend in our daily activities, let him ascend above every busy-ness. Let's us be always occupied and busy with him (I would explain this further later). Let Christ ascend in our relationship, that our relationship shall not just be about ourselves but about Christ - unveiling Christ, giving and sharing Christ, experiencing Christ through the relationship. Let every decision we make have Christ in his ascendency. And let Christ ascend in all, for this is the way he would with all in all.

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