Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Divine Romance

The relationship that God seek with man is at it greatness intimacy, a divine romance. We know that Christ is the bridegroom and the Church is the bride, if this is true then the relationship between Christ and the Church is a romance. A man and a woman in a romantic relationship is a type or shadow of the relationship between Christ and his Church. Christ is the real Man and all other man is only a shadow, a type and a representation of him. The Church is the real Woman and every other woman is only a shadow, a type and a representation of her (click to read further).
Sex is simply an expression of the romance, although death (Sin and the devil) have perverted the meaning of sex but it is a shadow, a type and a representation of the divine romance. Sex is all about the woman giving herself and the man pouring himself. The woman is saying "take me, I'm yours, do with me whatever you please, pour out yourself on me". We can see this same law governing the marriage relationship. The woman gives herself to the man and the man pours out himself on her, that is what marriage is all about. The woman empties herself; she let go of her former life, she gives away her identity (her name), she gives away her will, her right, submit to the man saying, "take me and fill me with yourself, for I am empty".
The man in response to this would take all he has and all he is and pour it out on the woman. Then what happens next is what the Spirit described when he said "woman is the glory of man" (1Cor 11:7). Glory means the expression of the fullness of a thing, the man pours out his money, his time, his status, his affection etc on the woman and as a result she is glorious - she is looking beautiful and young, she had been lavished with love and she is happy with the most beautiful smile on her face. She is gorgeous as she sparkles in splendid glory. She is reflecting all that the man has given her, she is the expression of the fullness of the man - yes, she is the glory of the man. Marriage is all about the woman emptying herself and submitting herself to the man while the man pours out himself to her and head over her.
This is the meaning of romance - the woman emptying and submitting while the man is pouring and taking responsibilities. The more the woman empties and submits herself as the man pours and take responsibities the more they both go into a deeper and sweeter romance and they continue to enjoy the marriage. This is a divine principle that guilds the relationship between God and man. The more we empty and submit to God the more God would pour out Himself on us and completely fulfill His responsibility as God, as our husband or bridegroom. As this happens we find satisfaction and we enjoy the sweetest romance. We come before God and we cry "take me, I'm all yours, I empty myself now before you that you may pour out yourself on me, oh I'm no longer my own but yours, please do with me whatever you please".

This is the relationship between God and man and it is a divine romance, a selfless act where we selflessly fall at His feat in complete submission and emptiness while God selflessly pours out Himself on us until we become His glory. Yes we would reflect and express the fullness of God, the fullness of God's love, the fullness of God's power, the fullness of God's wisdom and knowledge, the fullness of God's holiness and righteousness, the fullness of God's riches and so on shall be expressed through us when we fall into this divine romance. This romance govern the whole relationship between God and man, the way we can get anything from God is by emptying and submitting ourselves.
I have see Christians praying so desperately for the things of God. Well, God is a faithful Father and when His children cry desperately for things He can not refuse but give them. But we cannot enter into the fullness of God until we fall into this divine romance. Prayer alone can not take us far enough, God desire that we have nothing less than His fullness and the only way is the emptiness and submission of the divine romance. The Church is meant to be the glory of God, she is meant to express all of the fullness of God and this can only happen when we all enter into this divine romance. If only we enter into this and continue to go deeper and deeper into the divine romance then the world would have no choice but to recognize the Church as the greatest force on earth.

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