Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Fruit Of The Romance

The beauty of romance is that it produces fruits that brings out it's many sided riches. These fruits are a momentum of a deep and passionate intercourse. Do not forget that the romance comes with a price - yes, the pain of dying to oneself and the struggle of utter submission. The struggle to put all in God's hands and allowing Him be in charge. But at the end there is a fruit, a momentum, the riches of the romance. As I spend time loving God and allowing myself know and experience His love my heart begins to gush out with this overwhelming love, flowing towards others. It produces fruits as everyone around me begin to experience life, a life devoured of hatred, jealousy and all evil associated with death. Yes, the fruit is life, life have always been the fruit of romance.
Oh, how the world need life. Everywhere is filled with the death of hatred, bitterness, frustration, depression, sadness, sickness, poverty, unrighteousness, immorality etc. The way out is life and life can only be produced through romance. Life cannot be constructed, it can only be born and it conception began at the peak of romance. As we enter into deeper intimacy with God, as we fall into the bed of the divine romance our environment is filled with life. The life that would combat hatred by producing love, sadness by producing happiness, depression by producing joy, immorality and sin by producing righteousness, poverty by producing riches etc. until the would is filled with life and evil defeated.
This is the way of victory, romance is how we fight the war. That we may see that the Christian life is not all about doing but submitting, falling into the bed of the divine romance and allowing God take charge so that life might be produce. For life is the only way to combat death. Life and victory, these are the riches of romance. Oh, the fruits that romance produces, may we desire it above every other thing.

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