Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Cry For Romance

"Kiss Me With The Kisses Of You Lips"
How I long for your sweet kisses. It is as exciting as the best wine, flowing gently over my lips. To feel you so close to me and have your lips touching mine. For so long I have been far away, unable to know the taste of your lips. Unable to know the intent of your heart, to have your heart touching mine and your mind robbing mine. Oh how pleasant it is to be so close to the Almighty God that I could feel His heart beat, to touch His mind and feel the infinite knowledge and the mysteries that lies in it. I feel like my head is about to explode, His kisses are so overwhelming, too great for my mortal body to bear.

It is so romantic, for a mortal like me to have access to the things of the divine. To experience an intimacy with divinity,  an intimacy  greater than any heavenly being could ever experience. I know things that angels do not know for I have tasted of the kisses of His lips. How wonderful it is to feel the emotions of God, to have His heart kissing your heart. To know the greatness of His joy, the weight of His burden and the extent of His love. To laugh together with Him, to morn with Him, to feel His love and be passionate with His passion. These are the kisses of His heart.

For too long I have been deprive of His kisses. I didn't know what I was missing, but now I have tasted it and I want more. Oh, kiss me Lord. Let me feel your lips touching mine, let me experience this intimacy over and over again. I want your sweet kisses my love.

"Invite Me Into Your Private Chambers"
Just like many Christians I was of your household but yet far from you. I was like a stranger in your house, my Lord. I was with you but hardly do I see you - I hardly ever experience you. I was close to you but yet lived in a distance. To me you were just someone that usually pass by, just an experience that  flashes every now and then. I hear people talk about you and I read books about you. I only knew you from a distance. Of course I go to church and I'm a Christian but I never really know you.

Draw me close oh Lord. It is not enough that I am of your household but I also want to be invited into your private chamber. Bring me in Lord! bring me into your private chamber. Let me see you in your nakedness, expose your heart to me. Let me in and let me see your secret, reveal your mystery to me. Let me see that which is dearest to your heart and know you intimately.

Oh, I can hear your voice already,  calling me into your private chamber. There I would see you in total exposure, laying in such vulnerability and with eyes so innocent. All you want is to show me love. Here I am Lord show me how much you love me. Let me drink deep in your love. Expose the secret of your heart to me, entrust your hidden plans to me. Let me touch your hidden treasures. Let me know your passion and intrude your privacy. Give me a tour into your private chamber and let me know all your secret things.

"Come! Let Run Away, Together"
There is so much noise and so much distractions. I struggle so hard to concentrate and focus on you. But it is you I want, I really want to lose myself in you. Come oh Lord, let us run together. Let us run far away from all this. Let me get so engross in you. I want nothing more but you.

All these activities consuming so much of my time. These unnecessary occupation that has no eternal value. I want to spend more time with you; knowing you and being occupied with you. I derive so much pleasure in being busy with you. But this world has a system that drains most of my time. Let us run away from this world, take me deep in the spirit and let us spend time together. Oh, let me be consume with you.
You said, "we are not of the world" (John 17:16).

I don't belong here, I belong with you, so take me with you. Let me go deeper into the things of Christ. I need to run my Lord, to run from all these distractions. Let me loss interest in the mundane things of this world. Oh, my sweetheart, let us run far away and be together. Just me and you my love.

"Let Me Drink Deep And Lose Myself"
I look into myself and I see a great need for you. Oh, how I need you, to drink of you. I want all of you, to embrace you in entirety. Let me have the whole of you. Let me fall deep and be consumed by you.

They say I'm a fanatic, but I'm just in love. I have tasted of your love and I can't get enough of it. Oh, let me drink deep. They think I'm going too far but I feel I haven't come far enough. Just want to go deeper, to have the whole of you. Oh, that I may drink deep and lose myself in you.

Yes to lose myself in freedom, to lose myself in love, to be drunk with your presence, overwhelmed with your power, overtaken by the greatness of you and soaked in your glory. Let me dive deep, let me be lost in your sweet embrace. I have found what I have always hungered for and I would drink deep till I lose myself.

"Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine"
How sweet is your love oh God. How pleasant is it to be loved by the Almighty, the one that really matters. How flattering is it to be noticed by the Most High. I can't believe you love me, oh how exciting. I feel so alive, your love is life. It is real! so real and strong. I can't contain my joy, for it overwhelms me. My heart is melting, I am wrapped in the warmth of your love. I am laughing and crying at the same time. What is going on with me? I have never felt this way before.

Oh stop it Lord, you're going to kill me, my mortal body can't bear it. I am getting drunk, it's intoxicating but you won't stop. You love me so recklessly, you are going to spoil me. Such shameless love, so wild and so untamed. You've unleash it all on me. I am doomed, I would drown in this flood of endless love. Oh! how sweet, so so sweet.

"Your Love Have Broken All My Resistance"
It's the most wonderful thing to know your love, it sweetness is beyond any I could describe. I use to be very tough with a heart as hard as a rock but your love as made me soft. How powerful is your love oh Lord, how persistent and unrelenting. Little by little it washed away all my hardness. I use to be very unemotional but your love have made my heart responsive. It has awakened my heart to life, now my heart pulsate with a consuming passion for you.

I use to be the center of my world. A lone ranger; me alone and no one else. My heart was heavily guarded by the fortress around me and I would let no one in. Oh, but your love was strong, it lay waste my fortress and capture my heart. You left me hungry for you and I can't resist this urge. I'm losing interest in myself, for my heart now finds home with you. I can't stop thinking of you, little by little you are taking the center stage. You are taking over my world.
I thought I won't be able to love this way, I never knew I was capable. Your love have made me soft, it has broken all my resistance. I can't stop pursuing you, I can't resist loving you even if it means losing myself.

"I Find Home In Your Arms "
He looked at me with a spark in His eyes and with the most amazing smile He said, "I want you and I must take you". Those words sound magical. It sounds sweeter than honey and I can't believe He said it to me. Oh how I had long to hear Him say those words, to be apprehended by my Lord. My heartbeats raises, I feel like I'm melting, oh my head is spinning and my legs could no longer carry me. I just find myself falling - yes, falling into His arms.

He hold me in His arms and said he is satisfied with having me. Oh I was wrong, all this while I thought He wanted me to do this and that for Him. But No! All He had ever wanted was to have me. Oh dear, I feel so at home in His arm and I never want to leave. I would die here, right here in the arms of my Lord.

I love the grip of His embrace, for I feel safe in His arms. Here is my refuge. Oh, tighten your arms around me so that I may never be snatched away. Let me never escape you. I shall away remain home in your sweet arms. 

"I Am Yours And You Are Mine"
I remember when you first say those words to me I thought you were blaspheming. How can God Almighty say that He belongs to me. I thought I couldn't have heard you right, maybe my hearing was faulty. But you said it again and again and again until I accepted it. How could you be mine, still sounds strange to me but I have to humble myself and accept your offer. For you have given yourself to me now, you belong to me. In humility I accept your offer.

I am also yours my Lord, I have always been. So do with me whatever you please. Pull me to yourself, have me! have the whole of me. Come oh Lord! come and fulfill your desire on me, come and find pleasure in me, for you are my pleasure. I would take you, I would explore the whole of you even if it takes me all of eternity.

"In The Night I Dream Of You, In The Day I Look For You"
Can I ever get enough of you? For my soul pants for you as the dear pants for the waters. I would seek you and seek you with all of my heart. I would search you out my Lord, for I find pleasure in you. I wake up each mourning and you are the first thing in my mind. I get up from my bed only to go search after you. You are my daily mission, my occupation.

I pick up my bible searching for the Word - my precious delight. And when I find it I consume it. Each day, I set out hunting for you like a Wild beast and when I find you my heart leap for joy. When it getting dark and my strength fades away, I'm gripped with the eagerness to wake up the next day with a renew strength only to sought you vigorously.

While I lay down tired with the day pursuit, it is the thought of you that occupy my mind. You are the occupation of my mind. Thinking of the time we spent together I go in pray just to hear your sweet voice and have intercourse with your heart. How I which this prayer never ends. And then I go to bed slowly drifting into sleep while still murmuring words to you and reaching out to see you with my mind's eyes.

Let me feel your embrace as I fall at sleep. And come with me into my dream, let us continue our romance there. Let my dream be an intercourse with you. And as I slowly come back to my consciousness I would meditate on our interactions in the dream. For my night shall me occupied with you. And as the day breaks, with the strength of the mourning, I shall jump off my bed to continue this passionate pursuit.

"You are beautiful, my Lord, beautiful beyond words"
How I love to gaze upon your face. Your eyes as dove, bright and beautiful as ruby. The transparency, the innocence in your look. What a delight to look upon your face, to see that inviting smile, a smile with a sparks of bright colours. My heart is suddenly filled with peace, I find pleasure in the sighting of you. I can't turn my face away, I find myself lost - captured my your beauty.

I have seen the most beautiful thing in all of eternity, my gaze has found a home. I would fix my eyes on you oh Lord, for there is nothing else to look upon. There is nothing more attractive, nothing more pleasant. There is nothing that can competite with such beauty. Yes, there is nothing else that could catch my attention. My eyes is fix on you oh Lord, for your beauty magnets my gaze. My heart beat with excitement, what a delight to look upon you oh Lord.

Let me see nothing else but you, my Love. Let me see you in all, let my eyes never seize to see your beauty. Not the dirty images of this world, not the ugliness of evil. But cause me to look upon your beauty for eternity, for I am satisfied with the sighting of you. Oh, let those images never leave my mind. And when I close my eyes let me find your face stock in my imagination. It is your beauty I desire to see always.

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