Sunday, 16 October 2016

Manna or The Riches of The Land

There is a huge difference between manna and the riches of the land and inability to tell the difference is what is plague the Church today. In the wilderness there was no food, food cannot be product out of the wilderness therefore the children of Israel had wait for God to send down manna from heaven. They pray and wait upon the Lord for food. But manna wasn't God's desire for His children, He want to bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey - a land of abundance. And as Israel enter into this land God stop sending manna because He wanted them to explore the riches of the land He has given them. In the land no matter how you pray and beg God manna will not fall from heaven, you must learn to extract food from the land. The story of Israel is a shadow of the Church that prophesies about the Church. For decades the Church have live by manna; we fast, pray and wait upon the Lord for everything - we wait for manna to fall from heaven. We want grace so we pray and wait for God to send it down from heaven. You hear people preach about things like righteousness, holiness, faith, deliverance, blessing, glory, favour etc and they talk about how wonderful these things are but they never tell you how to work it out from the Land. They leave the people with the impression that they have to pray and wait upon God to send down these things. While the truth is that these things are already here, all we have to do is learn how to work it out from the Land (which is Christ).Before Jesus died he said, "it is finished". God has establish a reality for us, a rest. And "we which have believed do enter into rest," (Heb 4:3). This rest is the Land, for in it lies all the provision of God and we are called to rest in the sufficiency of God through the Land. All that we need is right here in the Land, the Land we are standing on is rich. We are like people sitting on a Gold mine and yet suffering from poverty. We sit on a buried treasure but yet pray and beg God to send down, from heaven out basic needs. We are not in the wilderness and we must let go of the wilderness mentality of waiting for manna. Let start exploring the Land so that we can be adorn with the riches of the Land and be the glorious people God have called us to be.

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