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Tithing In The New Covenant

From what we've discuss about tithe some may ask, "how then would be practically tithe?" We've only talked about tithe in its general and now we are moving to the specific. Tithing in the reality in Christ is the offering of the Life. But in this Life there are specific aspect that we can tithe. In Canaan the children of Israel were to offer the tithe of the land, this means they were to tithe the fruit of the land.
"And all the  tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land  or of the fruit of the tree,  is the LORD’s. It  is holy  to the LORD." (Lev 27:30).
They were to tithe the fruit; that which grows out of the land. Similarly, in the reality of tithe we are to tithe the fruit of the Life. Just as the Israelites plowed and explored in order to harvest the fruit from which they would tithe. We in the New Covenant (the reality) need to explore this Life and offer the fruit as tithe onto God.
"But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." (Gal 5:22-23).

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of life and if we fellowship with the Spirit in exploring the Life there would be fruit. We would produce all kinds of fruit, even more than that listed in the verses above. The riches of the Life is innumerable and we can not list the whole of them. The point is that there is fruit produce from this Life and this fruit involves: joy, peace, revelation, wisdom, love, righteousness, grace etc. We must understand what Life is then we would understand the fruit of Life. Life is absence of death and most of what we see in this world is death. When happiness dies it becomes sadness, when good health dies it becomes sickness, when wealth dies it is poverty, when love dies it is hate, when wisdom dies it is foolishness, when good dies it becomes bad and so on. Life is the opposite of death and this Life should be offered to God as a tithe.

Our health must be offered to God (we use our health to serve God's purpose; our wealth must be offer to God; our happiness and peace offered to God (we use them to serve God's purpose) and so on. All of our life but be used for God's purpose, we must live for God. In the reality we do not offer a portion or a representative, we offer the whole, for there is no need of representative in the reality. Hence, we do not offer a portion of our wealth not a representative tenth, that would be going back to the type. We are people of the New Covenant and here we experience the reality. Therefore in offering our wealth we offer all that we have. Yes, we give all our money and properties to God - this is true tithing in the New Covenant. Well, one may ask how can we give God all our money and property? It is good question but there is no time to answer here. Rather, we gave much dicussion to it under the topic; Tithe and Financial Prosperity.

Now remember, there is a difference between our life and Christ life in us. God doesn't what any other sacrifice but Christ, they are all unholy to Him. Yes, God doesn't need your life, He doesn't want it. Do not offer your life to Him He would not accept such a tithe, for it is unclean. You must die - yes, you must be crucified. It is the life after crucifixion that God accept, for that is the life of Christ. We cannot offer carnal love to God or self-righteousness. Any effort of our flesh to please God would not be accepted. The flesh is destined for the cross and that is where it should be. If we truly want to obey God and give Him the tithe then we must desire the cross, for only then can we offer acceptable sacrifice to God. We must explore the life of Christ in us, we must fellowship with the Spirit of life and produce fruit that can be offered onto God.

Under the New Covenant tithe and first fruit are not physical things. Yes they can be expressed in a physical way but they are not physical or natural in themselves. Tithe is not fruits or animals, all those are types that was made to look like the original. The original is found in Christ and we are in Christ. If you belong to the New Covenant then you must tithe the New Covenant way. Which is simply expressing the life of Christ in you. Having your root grow deep in Christ so that you can bear fruits of righteousness and offer it to God as a sacrifice of tithe, first fruit and a burnt offering.

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