Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Hunger For Starvation

We've spend all our lives try to feed the flesh, to yield to it and its hunger. We thought if we can just give its enough food and satisfy it we would be happy. We seek the pleasure of satisfying the flesh. We chase after our lustful desires, we try to satisfy our mental curiosity, our evil cravings, our moral justification, our religious inclination, our self-preservation and all that the flesh deem necessary. We've believe being awaken to our carnal instincts would enable us live a longer, safer and happier life. "Just give the flesh what it wants and you would be happy; if only I can get what I want I would be happy." These are our thought the deception that the devil have put into our heads.

After pursuing the cravings of the flesh and satisfying all its needs we discover there is a deep dissatisfaction  in our soul. We are still not happy and the flesh keep demanding for more. Would there been an end to this cravings? Would the flesh ever be satisfied and be happy. It now begin to dawn on us that we've believed a lie; the flesh would never be satisfied and be happy. We now notice a wariness in us, a cry for something we never knew existed. This cry have been there all along but we never notice them because we are too busy feeding the flesh. Trying to listen closely we had to stop feeding the flesh. We deny the flesh of its food in order to hear this cry louder. We now hope that this cry would lead us to something better. Why feed the flesh anyway, it has only made us miserable. 

All these had made us hungry. Hungry with a different hunger, an hunger to starve the flesh and follow that silent voice. It led us to fast as we refuse to feed the flesh, we are tired of feed it anyway. Yes, we entered a fast and this fast has a name - his name is Jesus. That cry had led us to Christ and in him we deny the flesh like it never existed,  deadening ourselves to its lust. As a result we begin to feel an excruciating hunger in our flesh but we struggle not to yield to it. Our flesh grew weaker daily but in our spirit we are refreshed, we are beginning to know Christ as our satisfaction. This satisfaction is so great that we never want to go back and seek the satisfaction of the flesh. We would now remain in fasting for the rest of our lives, for our new focus is pursuing Christ and getting closer to God through Christ. Yes! In this fasting there is happiness as we feel closer to how Creator and we now enjoy a wonderful fellowship with Him.

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