Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Fellowship Of The Spirit Of Truth

We were called into the fellowship of the Spirit of truth when God gave us His Spirit. The Spirit of truth guides us into all truth (John 16:13). It is a wonderful thing that we can know all things. Indeed as Christians we do know all things.

"But you have an anointing from the  Holy One, and you know all things. I have not written to you because you do not  know the truth, but because you know it,  and that no lie is of the truth." (1John 2:20-21).

We know all things, if only Christians really believe this truth. We are the children of the Omniscient God — the God who knows all this — and by the Spirit of our Father we know all things. When God began to reveal His heart to me I came to the understanding that we have access to the heart and mind of God. I discovered that I could enter into His mind at will, so I tried it and I was able to prophesy God's mind concerning anybody. In this experience, I do feel God infinite knowledge, sometimes it's like my head is about to explode as I enter into the mind of the one who holds all knowledge. Then I try to focus on a particular person so as to get a word that would bless that brethren. I experientially came to understand that we have access to the infinite knowledge of the Omniscient God.

When I look at the life of Jesus, I am amaze at how he knows everything including things that people are thinking. Jesus said we can do all that he has done and even greater, therefore we are suppose to know all things just as Jesus did. I strongly believe that when we learn to fellowship with the Spirit of truth we would know all things. If we learn to fellowship with the Spirit of truth we would be able to differentiate heresy from the truth. We would not be so confuse and not knowing what exactly to believe as Christians. Christianity as it is today has diverse and complicating doctrines. This is because we do not know how to fellowship with the Spirit of truth, we are just scrabbling the Bible and doing guess work. We don't know what to believe in or how to live the Christian life. The state of the Church today is an evidence that we don't know the Spirit of truth.

There are time when I find my theology conflicting with that of another Christian. I know there is no contradiction in Christ and the truth is in harmony. So I fellowship with the Spirit of truth in order that he would make me able to perceive which out of the two theologies is correct. I don't know how the Spirit does it, all I know is that as I rest on him I am able to perceive which one is the truth and which is not. I could perceive the lie in it, lie always carry darkness, and I can sense that darkness and even know the degree of that darkness. If there is a measure of truth in that theology I would know as I sense that the darkness is not that much, I can perceive the measure of light in it.

If I perceive that it is my theology that is not correct I fall on my knees and submit to the Truth. The Truth is Jesus and he is Lord, to fellowship with the Spirit of truth we must learn to submit to the Lord. Submission is like dying, loosing yourself, it is very difficult but it must be done if we are to remain in the fellowship of the Spirit of truth. We must continue to fight that tendency to hold on to our beliefs, doctrine and theology even when we suspect they are not true. We are in a battle for truth, a battle that would cause us to break into freedom. Therefore we must not let any thought, tradition, beliefs, doctrine or theology enslave us in lies. We must fight for the truth even if it means dying to ourselves and reaping ourselves apart. The truth is precious and if you know its value you would strive to remain in the fellowship of the truth.

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