Friday, 11 November 2016

The Frustration

Frustration had always been an impetus for fasting. Ancient men fasted as a result of frustration in an attempt to reach God. People from different culture and different religion fasted as a result of the frustration in their attempt to please or appease God. It is frustration that cause man to refuse to eat, to denial themselves of that which is basic to life and go on a fast. Frustration brings man to humble himself before the Creator. Without this frustration man in his arrogance and pride would never humble himself before God. But these are the types, the shadows and copies of fasting.
In the reality found in Christ fast is the starvation of the flesh in all its lustful cravings in order to express the life of Christ in us.

Remember, Christ is fasting, therefore living by the life of Christ is living a life of fasting. The seed of this fasting also lies in frustration. In our flesh we've tried hard to please God, to get closer to Him and to taste of the things of God but nothing seem to be working. In our arrogance we think we have what it takes to please God. We think if we should just struggle hard enough we would attain spiritual height. But all our effort yield nothing because they are done in the flesh. And finally we cry, "alas I have failed a thousand times, I do not have it in me. Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will deliver me."

We discover that the flesh in all of its ability can't please God nor partake in the things of th divine. We are broken; brought to the end of ourselves. Seeing that we are not sufficient enough while our soul continue to cry our for a greater experience of God. We want Him! We just want Him but there seem to be no way to reach Him as our ability has failed us. How much we hate ourselves; we hate the flesh. It only we can get rid of it, it is no good, for its lust, sinfulness and weakness had denied us of our heart greatest longing - the Father's love and acceptance. How can we find peace with the God and fellowship with Him? Right there, at the peak of frustration and desperation we learn of Christ the fasting. Oh, fasting (Christ) is the way, it is the way to peace about fellowship with the God.

Through fasting (Christ) we are reconciled with God and we accepted by the Father as He is now please with God. We enter into this fast (Christ) and we never want it to stop. We learn to live a life of fasting and enjoy fellowship with God. That we may reach this point of frustration and desperation. That we may desire Christ our fasting and embrace him with all our being. That we may realize that outside of Christ we are alien to God. Let us fast, for this is a commandments of God. We must enter into this fast.

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