Monday, 21 November 2016

The Truth Sets Free

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32).
Freedom is the license to be and express yourself without any form of constrain. God created creation to freely express and unveil the Truth. It is the nature and normal state for all things to unveil the Truth. All things were created in accordance with the Truth but death have led creation away from the path of the Truth. Creation have been constrain by death and as such can't be what they are created to be. Creation, especially man have been enslave, force to yield to lie. Through the power of death Satan have enslave all things in the shackles of lie.
All creation have been imprison in lie patiently waiting for the day of Truth, the day of salvation and liberty. Truth would return them back to there normal state, a state where they can freely be what they were made to be. The closer you come to the Truth is the closer you come to freedom. Touching the Truth is touching liberty. The devil knows this and that his why he have been trying to make us pursue anything else but the Truth. He had made us so fascinated in things other than the Truth.
Knowledge could only inform you but the Truth sets free - it returns us back to our normal state. Man love information, we feel good and secured just knowing that we know. But there is more to life than feeling good, there is the battle of liberty. It is not enough to have a huge mental library stock with a lot of fascinating knowledge. We must fight for liberty, we must pursue salvation. Where are those who hunger to know the Truth, to know how things were originally, how they were created to be? Where are those that are dissatisfied with this lie, this ugly caricature that things have been force to conform? Where are those that desire to bring creation to salvation? It is time to rise up and fight for liberty, pursue the Truth, for the Truth sets free.

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