Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Vision

At the time when I was getting closer and closer to God, He revealed in my spirit the glory and the victory of the Church. It was the most beautiful and glorious thing I have ever seen and I was so excited because I felt I have found the solution to all the problems in the world. I knew that if the Church enter into this level of glory then all the problem in the world is solved. I knew that God was bringing the Church to this level of glory and victory. And I couldn't contain my excitement, I was going around telling people that something wonderful is about to happen, I told them that very soon everything is going to be alright (all problem would be solved).

I didn't know what exactly was going to happen and I didn't know when it would happen but I thought it was going to be very very soon. And then God showed me the state of the Church as it is right now. The sight was so terrible that immediately I was so overwhelmed with grief that I thought it would be impossible for God to bring her to the level of glory and victory that I saw in the first experience. I found myself weeping and groaning for the Church, crying for a revival. Then after a while the Spirit took over and I found myself pushing and travailing in birth pain. For two weeks I couldn't pray in tongues. Whenever I try I just kept pushing and travailing in birth pain. The Holy Spirit told me it was for the Church and He gave no further information until one day... I was in the gathering of the brethren praying and God spoke these words to me, "she travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered." (Rev 12:2). And then the revelation came to me.

The time has come for delivery, a baby boy would be born. The Church right now is entering into labor pain. The pain shall be so great that Christians would fear for her death. They would blame it all on the unborn baby. They would hate the baby and what him death. "Alas the baby have brought his mother to her death", this shall be their cry. But no, the baby would be born and he shall cloth the mother with glory - yes that glory kept for her before the foundation of the would. Indeed, a new breed is raising, a male child. They shall break free from the traditions, religion and the doctrines of men and they shall bring restoration.

The Church would be clothed with glory through this male child. And over the years God has been teaching me the character and the nature of this male child. They would emphasize that Christ must have is place in the Church. They would preach and demand the Centrality and Supremacy of Christ because when Christ become central and supreme in the Church then she would be brought to the glory that was prepared for her before the foundation of the world.

Through this blog I hope to reach members of the male child, meet them and learn from them. I hope to find fellowship among those who would stop at nothing until the Lord's bride is clothed with glory and power.

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