Saturday, 17 December 2016

What Is Grace?

Humans always try to define everything, they want to give explanation to things they know nothing about. In their arrogance they think they are wise enough to comprehend and grasp  all things. To them nothing can be impossible for their brain to construct a definition for. We believe our little brain can fully comprehend the things of God. So here we are, trying to define grace.
Can we construct a definition for grace? Is it possible, with our peanut brain to grasp the length, width, height and depth of grace, to construct a box big enough to contain grace. Oh! How little of grace do we know, for we haven't caught a sight of it greatness. Okay fine, what is grace? We say it is "unmerited favour" and then we are happy that we've defined it. No, grace goes beyond "unmerited favour", for it is demerited favour, because where there is demerit and where sin abound you would found grace in it increase (Rom 5:20)
They say grace is rest, it is without works but Grace goes beyond rest, for Grace is works. They say grace is God doing something for you but yet Grace surpasses that definition, for Grace is God doing everything for you. They say grace is attain through faith but Grace refuses to be limited by the definition, for Grace is faith. They say grace is having access to the things of God but Grace also defeat this definition because Grace is the access to the fullness of God. They say grace came through Christ but no, Grace transcends that definition too, for grace is Christ himself. Grace refuses to fit any definition constructed by man, it defies our apprehension... So we think we could define grace?
Oh, how we try so hard to measure the length, width, height and depth of grace, just so we can build a box big enough to contain grace. We would fall flat on our faces in utter defeat. Look at our best theologians with all their intelligence and knowledge of scripture put together in this struggle, soak with perspiration, just trying to define grace. They thought grace is some kind of dead thing that they could lay down and dissect. No! Grace is alive, grace is not this thing or that thing. Grace is a person and this person is too big to be defined by human languages, our words are just not sufficient enough. Grace is Christ, for Christ is both demerit and unmerited favour, Christ is rest and Christ is God working through us. Christ is the fullness of God given to us and Christ is the access to the fullness of God. There is no other way to rightfully and completely define grace than to simply say "GRACE IS CHRIST".
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