Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Battle For The Name

All through the Old Testament you keep seeing statements like, 'the Name of the Lord' appearing over and over again. In the Scripture, all the issues, the crisis, the celebration, the battle, the destruction, the weeping etc it was all about the Name of the Lord. All the activities of the people is to bring honour to the Name of the Lord, prevent shame from falling upon the Name, to put that Name in its place, to hold the full thought of God as represented by His Name, to exalt and lift up  the Name; that the Name of the Lord shall prevail, that the Name shall continue to strike fear in the heart of the enemies, that the Name shall retain it dignity and so on. There is something about the 'Name', God's people live for the name, they are proud of it, they place their trust in it, they would bring honour to it even if it means losing their lives. The people of God were born and called for the sake of the Name and they would die for the sake of the Name. The purpose of God's people is to represent the Name and be a vessel by which the glory of the name is revealed.
"Simon has declared how God at the first visited the Gentiles to take out of them a people for His name." (Acts 15:14)
Yes, the Church was born and called for the sake of the Name. Look at the New Testament what do you see? It's the battle of the Name. Oh the devil tried so hard to bring shame to the Name, he tried to suppress the Name, to cover it, hide it, preventing it from being lifted up and shining in glory. But the Apostles won't let that happen, they brought glory to the Name, they won't stop speaking of the Name, they rejoice that they were beaten, imprisoned and afflicted for the sake of the Name. They became obsessed with the Name, they died for the Name and they celebrated their suffering for the Name. The devil had no chance, these people understood the battle of the Name and they were fierce in this battle.
"that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Phi 2:10-11)
When the Name is declared and the glory of the name is revealed the devil and every power that oppose the reign of Christ would bow, for their knees would not be able to carry their body, their strength would fail them, their pride would be broken, fear shall grip them and they would bow in humiliation and defeat. The devil knows this, that is why he is doing all he can to prevent the Church from representing and unveiling the Name properly, to cause God's people to have confidence in themselves and to be occupied and interested in so many things except the Name. Look at the book of Acts, God had a people who understood the significant of the Name and all hell broke lose. The powers of hell were in great distress and they shiver at the very thought of the Name being unveiled. They unleashed the greatest and fiercest of attack against the Church.
But now, the Church had lost the significant of the Name, we had disregard the Name, rub it in the mud. With our mouth we exalt and lift up the Name but through our actions we have brought shame to the name. That is why the devil is gaining ground, look around you and see that the world is in a mess, for darkness is advancing and where is the light of the world. The light can hardly be seen, we have been oppressed and held back, all because we refuse to lift up the Name. We refuse to submit to the Lordship of Christ, we want to be in control. Men, crowned themselves, taking control over the Church that belongs to God, they disregard the sovereign Spirit and they had no regard for the Name. They trembled upon it, try to rise above the Name, they make names for themselves and lifting up their own names instead. They have refuse to subject themselves to the Spirit of our Lord and they have follow there own course. They claim they are doing God's will but they are far from God's full thought and intention.
Or perhaps they are innocent, they are ignorant of what they are doing. They are simply doing what they have been taught, simply following the system that they were born and brought up in. A system that was built out of the ignorance of the people of God, built to defy the Lordship of Christ and to breed species of Christians that would crush the Name beneath their fit. A system constructed to enthrone man, to ensure that man is in control of God's people instead of Christ through the sovereign Spirit. A system that has place man in the center (instead of Christ) and cause everything about Christianity to involve around man. What is our evangelism about? To win man and make man accept our religion. Why do we church? Isn't it to manage man's sin and keep them in this religion? What is Bible study all about? Is it not to study man's interpretations of the Bible and prove man made doctrines? What is our prayer all about? It is merely to meet man's need, to help man get this or that. It is all about man, man is placed at the center and the Name of our might God is force to evolve around the centrality of man.
Look! See the Name of our Lord lying on the dirt and it is the fault of every one of us. We did this, we have refused to make Him our all, we have lost sight of Him and have pursued other things. We are satisfied with religion, we love high prestige and status, we love high church attendance, we are too busy with so many things and we have failed to put the totality of our lives under the Lordship of Christ. We have failed to teach the people to live under the Lordship of Christ.
The time is running out, darkness is growing thicker, submit yourself completely, listen to what the Spirit is saying, pick up the Name from the dirt and lift it up with pride. Then victory shall be ours, for we shall bring the devil to his knees.

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