Thursday, 23 February 2017

Fellowship; The Meeting

Fellowship as used in the scripture is partaking or sharing the Life (Christ). In the first article of this series we saw how embracing the life (Christ), becoming a partaker of the life (accepting Christ into your life) is entering into the fellowship. And also that by walking in the life we are in fellowship with one another. But now we would look at fellowship in the aspect of meetings, spend time together. We must understand that it is not until we meet together that we are in fellowship with one another. You can be in fellowship with the whole body of Christ anytime, anywhere. Each time you walk in the life and express the Christ in you, then you are fellowshipping with the brethren (the whole body of Christ). Anytime you live by the life that the whole body share, then you are in fellowship with the whole body.

There is however another way of expressing fellowship. Here the fellowship is expressed in a meeting. A few members of the body gather physically together in a place to express the fellowship. This is more like a family at dinner time, sitting around the table, sharing meal and talking about how they spent their day. Remember each member of the family share one life (one blood, as blood represent life) and they spend the day living and expressing that life. At night, while having dinner they share their fellowship (their experience in living by the life, the nature that came from the father). 

This involves a verbal expression of the fellowship, each member talks about how he/she had spent the day living by the life they all share. The members verbally share their experiences of how they tried to live by the Life during the day. This is an aspect of the fellowship that involves sharing the life through words and demonstrations. Remember fellowship means sharing the life. You have spend the day sharing the life by living and expressing it together with the whole body of Christ in your various places. Now you meet with a few believers to share the life with each other. You are sharing your experience of living by the life, sharing your knowledge of the life and expressing the life to each other. This is what the scripture call fellowship.

The early Christ saw themselves as a family. They meet everyday and share a meal together. They call the meal the Lord's Supper and they do this everyday. They share their lives together including everything they own. There meetings involves each member sharing Christ. Christ is their life and they share this Christ with one another — this is fellowship. The Christian meeting is not a preaching station, it is not a Cinema or a concert. It is not a place where some members passively watch other members performing on the stage.

The Christian meeting is a place of fellowship, it is where the life is shared. It is a regular family dinner where members sit, eat and talk. They share Christ with one another; they talk about Christ, there experience and knowledge of him; they minister Christ to each other through the gift and power of the Spirit; they dive together into the deeper things of Christ, for they are learning to pursue Christ together; and they comfort and strengthen each other in their weaknesses and affliction. May we learn to fellowship the way God designed us to fellowship.

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