Thursday, 9 February 2017


What is prayer? For too long I have been scared of answering this question. And this was because I have been experiencing a prayer life that is different from the one I see other Christian experience. So I concluded I know nothing about prayer, I even told myself I don't have a prayer life. I thought the kind of prayer life I have was wrong, I tried to be normal but the Spirit keep leading me to something different and I don't know how to do anything apart from the Spirit. Then one day I read a book by Watchman Nee. There he wrote something like; prayer is saying back to God what God is saying. That was it! That was what I was experiencing, so I wasn't the only one, I was not wrong. I would now share with you what I know praying to be.

Prayer is not just telling God something, God already knows what you want to say before you say it. You can't compare prayer with the way humans communicate. Prayer is not giving God an information He doesn't already have. Prayer is not simply expressing what is in your heart, it is not telling God your ideas or thoughts. Yes, prayer is a romance, I use the word romance because I can't find a better word to describe it. Prayer is worship; it is giving back to God that which He is giving you. It is a vicious circle of reckless giving. It is this selfless out pour between man and the divine.

Prayer is saying back to God what God is saying. It is God pouring out Himself on you as you respond by pouring Him back on Him. We do not pray by searching our heart and desire and telling it to God. But we pray when we search God's heart and desire and tell it to Him. We wait on the Spirit and not just say whatever we like. This is because we are dead, we died in Christ. A dead person can't have desire; he can't want anything neither can he request anything. So we come wanting nothing, we come empty so that the Father can fill us. We do not know how to want or what to want until the Father begins to want through us, He is now our life, for we are already dead.

You do not come with a request, you come with a desire for romance; a hunger for fellowship and intimacy. And as you come empty, the Father pours out His desire in you. You take that desire and express it to the Father, this causes the Father to pour more of His desire in you. Then you take it and express this 'more' to the Father, using words. This makes the Father pour out even a greater measure of Himself. You respond again and this circle continues till you are drunk with the passion of God. You begin to feel not just His desire but His emotions and His thought. You experience this oneness with God where you are thinking His thoughts, desiring His desires and feeling His emotions. A measure of Him has become a part of you, and now you are ready to go out and do His will.

Prayer is where you collide with divinity as the whole of God invades you. It is a romance; His whole being presses upon you, releasing Himself in you and impregnating you with a life that when released will be the light that causes the darkness of this world to shrink. Pray is where Christ gain ground in us, and we become truly sons of God. The purpose of prayer is not to give God an information but to become one with God so that you can manifest Him in this world.

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