Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Ingredients Of The Church

The Church is a living spiritual being that exists in eternity. Paul described the Church saying; "the heavenly Jerusalem is free, and she is our mother." The Church, our mother exist in heaven and she is a living being with a personality. She has a mind of her own, a will and a personality and that is why the Bible refer to her as a woman. A woman is a better way to describe her because a woman, although different, is of the same species with a man. The Church is of the same class of being with God but yet she is different. She is the woman of the God head and she is as alive as the members of the God head. She exist with the God head as she is the body of God.
The Church is unique, in that she exist in the spiritual and the natural simultaneously. Unlike the God head who is utterly spiritual she has this physical body through which she expresses herself in the natural world. The physical body by which she expresses herself is the flesh of every believer. But she is beyond flesh, she is beyond that which we see with our physical eyes. The Church is spiritual and this spiritual being exists in heaven. This spiritual being who exist in heaven expresses herself on earth through the flesh or body of every believer. The Church is made up of some ingredients; she is a fine mixture of Christ, the Spirit and the fellowship of believers. Just as water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen (H2o), the Church is compose of a fine mixture of Christ, the Spirit and the fellowship of the believers.
When you have anything less than two hydrogen atoms or more than one oxygen atom you can not call it water, in fact it is not water at all. So also, anything less than a perfect mixture of Christ, the Spirit and the fellowship of the believers is not the Church, the component must be complete or else we would not have the Church. You may have a well planned worship service or program, you may have a large number of believers, you may have very good facilities and music instruments, you may have well trained worship leaders and pastors and you may have a very huge and magnificent structure. But it is not Church if that fine mixture of Christ, the Spirit and the fellowship of believers is missing. These three ingredients are essential to have a Church. The absence of a fine mixture of these three ingredients is the absence of the Church.
When you have a fine mixture of these ingredients then you would feel the presence of that spirit, the woman – the Church. She is alive and very powerful, for she is the very house of God. When the Church is  present you would have the presence of God so evident and powerful, for God lives and dwells in the house, the Church. In the Church you would be more caught up in the presence and glory of God more than anywhere else.

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