Thursday, 2 March 2017

Fellowship; Sharing The Burden

The plan is to look at the New Testament fellowship from every angle. Pardon me if I am not quoting a lot of scripture but it is not always my style to quote much scripture. I assure you that everything discussed here is New Testament, if you know the scripture very well you will notice that. Alright, we've seen fellowship as living by the life, we've also seen fellowship as the Christian meeting and now we must look at fellowship as the intimacy between brethren.

The moment you got born again Christ became your Lord. He now own you and everything that has to do with you. Your life is his responsibility and your burden is now is burden. You were brought in into the the body of Christ, you are now a part of Christ. Touch any member and you are touching your Lord and at the same time you are touching a part of yourself.

You and that fellow believer are one body, one person and one life. Because that believer is a member of the Lord who owns you everything you have belongs to that believer. And since you are also a member of the Lord everything that that believer own belongs to you. You belong to each other as you share one life. His joy is your joy, his mourning is your mourning, his rejoicing is your rejoice, his pain is your pain and his burden is your burden.

"If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, If one part flourishes, every other part enters into the exuberance." (1Cor 12:26)

When that believer mourn you must mourn with him and when he rejoice you must also fellowship with him in that rejoicing. When that believer is in pain and is carrying a burden you must come under that pain and take the burden upon yourself. If the believer is suffering you must enter into that suffering with that believer and fellowship with him. The fellowship require you to share everything including pain and suffering.

For instance the fellow believer is under some financial burden, it doesn't matter whether you have enough or not you must come under that burden. Remember everything you own belongs to him, therefore he cannot be in lack when you have a penny in your pocket. You must share what you have even if it would cause your pocket to be empty too.

It is better for both of your pockets to be empty so that you can both come under the same suffering. You must share in his suffering, for this is fellowship. If you people are many, each of you would share from the burden of the afflicted brethren. Then the burden would be lighter on him. This is what family do, we share one life and together we pass through the ups and downs of living by this one  life in this antagonistic world.

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