Thursday, 2 March 2017

Fellowship; The Source

Fellowship as used in the New Testament is sharing a single life — the life that proceeds from the Father. The Christian meeting is sharing the fellowship we've had during the day(s) apart. We spend our day(s) living by the life — being in the fellowship — and now we must come together to share that fellowship. This is what the Christian meeting is; sharing the fellowship. We cannot fellowship together until we've spent the day being in the fellowship. The time apart (the time when we are not together or meeting) is spent living by the life so that when we meet we would share this fellowship (the fellowship of living by the life). It is the riches born out of the fellowship apart that we share when we come together to meet.

The Father is the source of the life upon which the fellowship is based. It is the Father that gives this life and teaches us to live by this life. So we spend the time apart with the Father learning to live by the life. You fellowship with the Father to live and express the life. Without this fellowship with the Father you cannot live by the life. You must have a strong relationship with the source of the life (the Father) in order to be in the fellowship. You cannot fellowship with the members unless you have spend time with the Father learning to live by the life. Without the life that proceeds from the Father there is no fellowship.

The reason why Christians meet and are not able to fellowship (not able to share Christ) is because they have no strong relationship with the Father — they have not learn to fellowship with him. They have not spend time with the Father learning to live by the life. They spend the time apart being choked up with the things of the world. And they come to the meeting with nothing to share. They automatically turn passive and the meeting turn into a concert where a few perform on the stage while others passively watch.

The is not what God intended for us, God desire a vibrant Christianity where each member passionately pursue Christ; learning to live by his life. Christianity is Christ alive in us, it is not sermon or Sunday worship, it is not all this religious things we've become so familiar with. It is Christ living in us and through us. It is practicing Christ, practically living by his life. And our meetings should reflect that, it should be a fellowship that ensures that each member practically live by the life of Christ. Our meetings should be a gathering around the living Christ; to see him walk among men, even through each member of the body. Only through this way can the Church be a testimony of the risen Christ.

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