Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Lordship Of Harmony

Harmony and the unity, order, uniformity and functionality that comes with it. Isn't this want we need in our severely divided religion. Oh, how hard have we fought for this. If human labour could get it we have become rich with it. Our history have proven that no amount of human labour could get the harmony that we need as a Church. But to get this unity we must trace our origin.

Out of the God of order came a Son, a true prince with the blood of his Father. Harmony runs in his vain, order and uniformity is what constitute his very being. The Son of the invisible God came to earth and got himself a body — yes, one man expanded into a larger body. This body however, is the same man, the very Son now walk the earth as a body called the Church. The body is constituted with the same constituents that is found in the Son. The Son sits as the head of this body and billowing from the head is harmony, spreading into the whole body, giving it life.

Yes, harmony is the life in us, it is the blood that flows in our vain, this is the reality of a Church organically united with the head. Oh, we've searched far and wild for this harmony, all the while it resides in us, it flows down from the head — the Son. The Son of harmony is Lord and only through him does harmony flow to the entire body. He rules with the scepter of harmony and holds the body together.

"... upholding all things by the word of His power," (Heb 1:3).

This is he who holds the whole universe together. This is he who is behind the order in the cosmos and in the earth. He suspends the planets in the space and regulate their orbit. He is the one that regulates the weather, even time and seasons. He cause the rain to fall and evaporate so that it can fall again. The animals feeds on the plants and produce excrete that then fertile the soil and causes the plant to grow. The circle of life the harmony in nature, he is the one behind it all. Yes, he is the one behind the harmony in the universe. This very One  now sits as the head of the body and he rules as Lord. Don't you think this One is capable of keeping the Church in harmony? What then is the problem?

The problem is; we've exalt a lot of things above Christ and we've not subject ourselves to the reign of harmony. We've searched for harmony in many other places. We've put so many other things in the place of Christ. The Son reigns with the scepter of harmony, as long as he sits on the throne and remain head to the body there would be harmony. But we've made man head in order to have unity, we've exalted our methods and system above Christ. Yes, this may be done in ignorance but it's time to wake up. To get harmony we must forgo our false means of harmony and fall at the feet of the Son. We must be emptied up — emptied of all our efforts to bring and obtain harmony. We must find no sufficiency in ourselves, we must reach the end of ourselves and hold on to the Lord. Yes, he rules with the scepter of harmony and we would not be disappointed.

Our problem is that we have little faith in the Lord, we find it difficult to rely on a method that cannot be perceived with our natural senses. We are tempted to put in place something physical, something we can see and trust. But in the unseen lies something more reliable, something that had worked from the beginning of time. We can see its hand work in the universe and now we must allow it enter into our midst by submitting to the Lordship of harmony. Let the Lord of harmony take hold of us. Let us learn to cultivate him, to make him spread like a rambler till he covers us and over take us. For only then would he bring us together in unity and uniformity. When he is sited as Lord and as head we would become one body functioning effectively in harmony.

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