Friday, 1 September 2017

The Language Of God

I'm happy to announce that my book is out, below is the book description.
God desire intimacy with us, and He has put in our hearts a longing to know Him intimately. But how do we reach Him? How do we break through the stronghold of death and religion to experience intimacy with God. Learn to discern God's voice, and have Him listen to you. Enter in a realm where you are in constant interactions with God. Experience romance with divinity and let every aspect of your life become prophetic. Enter into the heart of God, know the secret things of the Most High as you learn to decode the language of God.
Get this book and begin a journey to intimacy with God — intimacy beyond what you've ever experienced before.
This book is currently free in Amazon and would remain free until 09/06/2017.
Click here to get it.

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