Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Truth Has Come Out!

The truth, what is the truth? Everyone keep asking. They say asking a question brings you closer to the answer but despite how many times this question is asked many still leaves unsatisfied. Many people, after seeing different false truth, have concluded in their hearts that there is no truth. Look out there and you would see diverse versions of truth; diverse teachings, ideology, philosophy, theology, doctrines etc. many of which are contradicting, leaving us utterly confused and frustrated. Can the truth be known, can man ever discover the truth? This is a journey that man has embarked in right from the very beginning. This is the quest of every child born, the burden of every becoming youth. At some point in our life we are forced to wonder off on the quest for the truth.

Ever since the beginning man have been in search of the truth and now that the world has grown in knowledge the desire for the truth is even stronger. We have all this knowledge available to us yet we are still empty of the truth. So wise but yet so lost; our achievement in science has brought us no were. We are the devoid of truth, still suffering from the lack of it. But I'm here to tell you the good news; the truth has come out. The truth that was once hidden has now revealed itself. All this time we have been trying to reach it and we keep meeting with failure, it is because the truth was far beyond our reach. Yes, we worked hard, we did everything we can to apprehend the truth but we couldn't because we simply can't. For too long the truth had remain unreachable but now it has broken out of the shadows that we might be able to apprehend it.

No! It is not a subjective thing, it is not a concept or an idea, it is a person. The truth is a thing, a tangible thing, a living reality. That personally that is the embodiment of the truth has finally come out and declare, "I am the Truth" (John 14:6). It's a wonderful thing, a thing of rejoicing; the truth now walk among us. The truth can be known, it is no longer a mystery, it has appeared in an apprehensible form. Are you sincerely in a search for the truth? If yes, this good news is for you. The truth is here, you can know him, for he is a person. The truth is Jesus, this man is the embodiment of the Truth. He would give you the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) and this Spirit would reveal Christ to you. The Spirit of truth would guide you into the reality of the who is Truth. You would see, touch and experience the truth every day of your life. Oh, all the freedom it would bring; the joy and happiness, the clearity and understanding, the sense of purpose and fulfillment. What would you give to come out of the ambiguity of this dark world and apprehend the Truth?

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