Friday, 30 March 2018

The Battle For The Throne

God has always been the ruler of all but when He created men He gave man authority to rule here on earth. Devil deceived man and took the authority from him but when Jesus came he defeated the devil. God anointed Jesus to be ruler over all, Christ was anointed and enthroned by God Himself. But the devil brew up a rebel and contended for the throne. Fear grips the devil as Christ was enthroned in a world that once belongs to him. He would do anything to get Christ off the throne.

Christ was enthroned as Lord through his people and he exercise his reign through his people (the Church). This is why when Jesus ascended to heaven he had to send his sovereign Spirit to dwell in the Church. Through his Spirit he exercises his reign in his Church and through his Church he exercise his reign in the world. But the devil will not have that, he must cut off Christ reign from the earth by dethroning him in the heart of his people. So there is war raging in the heart of every Christian, it is the battle for the throne.

"‘Why did the nations rage, And the people plot vain things? The kings of the earth took their stand, And the rulers were gathered together Against the Lord and against His Christ.’" (Acts 4:25-26).

That spirit that contend against Christ is the spirit of the Antichrist. The spirit of Antichrist has entered into the Church with the desire to dethrone Christ in the heart of his people. He has deceived us to replace Christ with something else. Just as the Serpent deceived Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. There is nothing wrong with the knowledge of good and evil. Is it a bad thing to know what is good and what is evil or What is wrong and what is right? So also have the spirit of Antichrist deceived us to replace Christ with so many things that seem to be alright.

Oh! Behold God's people, posses with the spirit of Antichrist and crying out "No! We don't want Christ, give us something else, anything apart from Christ. Let make the Bible our lord, let focus on knowing the Bible. Yes the Bible should have the greatest authority in Christianity. Let us subject ourselves to the Bible and let the Bible rule us. No! Not Christ, let us focus on winning souls, let us evangelize the world. Winning souls is the reason why God keep us alive after we got born again and we must focus all our resources on this. Yes let evangelism be the beginning and the end of Christianity not Christ. Let us make evangelism our lord and let us worship the act of winning souls. No! Not Christ, it should be intercession, for we are called to intercede for the Nation. We must put all our effort to this. Let put Christ away and let make intercession our lord. No! Why Christ? We must focus on living a holy life or rather let focus on the gifts of the Spirit. Why should we focus on being conformed to the image of Christ when we can focus on building and stirring up the gifts of the Spirit. No! Not Christ, how can you say we should focus on Christ and we should make him our occupation when there are other things to do, look around you should we abandon all these things and continue to be occupied with Christ. No Christ shouldn't be the beginning and the end of Christianity, that would ruin us"

And so the people of God rebel against their Lord. Christ had been dethroned in the heart of many and they set up various idols in the place of Christ. I'm not saying the Bible, Evangelism and the others are not good but they have been used to replace Christ in our lives. There is a difference between Christ and the Bible, Christ is not a book, he is not the letter but he is alive, he is a person. There is a difference between Christ and evangelism and all these Christian activities. Christ not an act or an activity, he is a living person with a personality.

Look very closely and you would see that the devil is using a lot of religious things to preoccupy us and distract us from Christ, he is using it to dethrone Christ in our heart. Oh, you would meet a Christian so knowledgeable when it comes to the Bible, so zealous when it comes to winning souls, fervent when it comes to prayer and so endowed when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit but when it comes to the measure of the status of Christ he lacks a lot. He has not known Christ and he has not been conformed to the image of Christ, all he has is various spiritual things. Christ haven't taken hold of him, Christ can't reign through him. Christ had been detached from his people, yes the head has loss connection with the body and as a result Christ reign had been thwarted.

The devil has gain ground and he seems to be winning the battle. For he is succeeding in suppressing the reign of Christ and he advances to do even worst. But we won't let that happen, victory belongs to us and we must allow the reign of Christ break forth through the veil of religion and carnality by going back to our Lord and fall at his feet. Yes, Christ reign must be a reality on earth, for he alone is anointed to take the throne.

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