Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Life Of The Sons; Utter Dependence On The Father

When God use the word son, He refers to one utterly dependent on the source of his life. The word son doesn't stand alone, once you hear "son" you know that there is a father somewhere. The father is not just the origin of the son's life but also the sustainer. He (the Father), birth the life, and he alone is responsible for taking care of that life, nurturing it, sustaining it, until it grows into it fullness. And the fullness of that life is the very nature of the father; by the life, the son grows into the nature of the father. All of this principles is what God has in mind when He calls us His sons.

To be sons of God do not simply means you have access to the power of God, even that is based on life. You are sons not by your earthly life but by the life from above, by that life which Jesus came to give. Whenever you operate by that life, you are operating as sons, and when you operate outside of that life you are operating as the carnal man. The Christian life is the life of the sons, lived and expressed in this physical body.

This life is from the Father and can only be lived in utter dependency on the Father. To be sons means to be detached from your life — the life birth by your earthly parents, the life that you have always lived. You must start living by the life that comes from God. This life cannot exist independently from the Father. It must continue to flow from the Father, to be refreshed and sustained by the Father. It is like a tree with branches, the branches continue to flourish in its life as long as it remains connected to the tree.

The moment the branch is cut off from the tree, it begins to die because it cannot, on it own, sustain its life. The life within it will continue to fade away until it is completely dead. It cannot sustain it own life, it is not independent or self-sufficient, it needs the tree to continue to live. To continue to live as a son, to continue to experience and express the life of sonship you must live in utter dependence on the Father. You need that life to continue to flow from the Father into you, you need Him to help sustain that life.

The idea that all is needed is to be born again and then it's up to you to live the Christian life, is false. That life that came into you when you get born again will slowly fade away except through close relationship with the Father. You need Him to help sustain that life, to keep it burning, to cause it to grow and overtake you. Do not assume that you can do it all by yourself, but fall in utter dependence on the Father. Your eyes must be open to see that you are in great need of the Father. Cry out to Him, become desperate, pursue Him, and learn to live the Christian life only through extremely close relationship with the Father.

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