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The Life Of The Sons; Fellowship With The Father

This post belongs to a series and this is the second post of that series. In the first post we talked about how the Father is the source of the life of the son and how He also sustains it. The moment the son separate from the Father he would die, for he has no life of his own, his life comes from the Father. As a result the son is utterly dependent on the Father, he finds sufficiency only in him. In case you haven't read it, please go and read it; The Life Of The Sons; Utter Dependence On The Father. Now we must move on to today's post

Out of the riches of fellowship with the Father does the sons live the Christian life. In this fellowship the Father gives the son life and teaches the son obedience to this life. Because the Father is both the source and sustainer of the life, the son must live this life in fellowship with the Father. He is totally dependent on the Father to live this life.

The son does not go about living the life on his own, he cannot, he needs the Father. This is is why he must remain in close fellowship with the Father. The life came from the Father, the Father has been living the life long before the son, He has mastered the life, he owns the life. As a result the son must stay close and learn from Him.

"So Jesus explained, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does." (John 5:19).

Do you see how the son is being mentored by the Father. He can do nothing by himself, he cannot go about living the life on his own, he does not have the sufficiency in himself. He must stay with the Father and watch the Father. Whatever he sees the Father doing he does. He is modeling the Father, for that is the only way to live the life that the Father gave him.

Look at us who are sons, we have gone our way, we have pursued to live the life in the way we think we ought to. And in the end rather than living the life of the Son (Christ), we end up living a religious life. We are in over our head following our so called doctrine and religious rites. We get so occupied with all that and we think we are living the Christian life. There is no Christian life without an intimate walk with the Father, a walk where we watch the Father and model Him.

I see Christians teaching their concept of marriage and trying to practice this teachings. We think we can just take the bible, pick up some moral lessons and then start practicing. No, you must know the Father, see what he is doing, how he dealt with his woman, how he loves her, how he stick to her, how he chose her (on that you can get my book; The Divine Romance).

It is the Father we are watching in order to practice Christianity. We are not looking at morality, don't and dos, traditions etc. If we are not modeling the Father then what we are practicing is not Christian. We must strive to see Him, to always see Him, what He is doing, for without that there is no way we can live the Christian life.
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