Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Life Of The Sons; Seeing Beyond The Activities In The Natural

This post belongs to a series and is the third of that series. In the first we talked about the son being utterly dependent on the Father as the Father is both the source of his life and the sustainer — without the Father he cannot have life. In the second post I explained how the son must be in constant fellowship with the Father, how he must learn of the Father in living this life (the Christian life). In the life of the son there must be an uninterrupted fellowship with the Father. Now this will rely heavily on the son's ability to see beyond the natural and recognize the effort of the Spirit to pull him into fellowship with the Father.

Again, the fellowship is uninterrupted, that means in everything the son does he must do it in fellowship with the Father. When he is reading the Bible he is not just reading a book and storing up mental information, rather he is pulled in the spirit into fellowship with the person of the Word as proceeding from the Father. When he is going about his daily work he is not just busy trying to make money, he is caught up with the Father, exploring His wisdom, walking with Him and demonstrating His authority. In everything he does he is always occupied with the Father in that activity.

To the son, living is not about doing stuff, rather it is about fellowshiping with the Father to do stuff. Over the years the Lord has taught me to be more conscious of the fellowship with him than any other thing. When I write it is not about me carrying out an activity called writing, rather it is a fellowship by the Spirit with the person of the Truth (Christ) as he flows from the Father. It is always about me being caught up in the Godhead, I try to spend every moment of my life caught up in the Godhead. I always try to see beyond the activity before me and enter into a living fellowshiping with God.

That constant awareness of the fellowship with the Father influences the son and transforms him into maturity in the stature of the Father. Sadly most of us are more conscious of the activity than the fellowship with the Father in that activity. We spend most of our day drowning in activities and then at night we remember that we have to fellowship with the Lord before going to bed. Fellowship is not something you do at a particular time of the day, it is something you do through out the day. And this will require eyes that can see beyond the activity presented before us, to see a fellowship with the Father in that activity and enter into that fellowship by the Spirit, so much that we spend the whole time enjoying fellowship with the Father.

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