Friday, 14 December 2018

Christ Is "How To Do Church"

There have been this query on "how to do church". We want to know how a Christian meeting should be structured; what is the 'pattern' of the new testament church. So we storm the bible look for a list on "how to do church". Well, we know that in the bible we won't find a clear list on how to do church.

Look, God did not mistakenly omitted it, God is always very detailed with things. There in the Old Testament we see how much detail God gave concerning how the ark should be built (both Noah's ark and the ark of the covenant), how the priest clothes should be designed, how each sacrifice should be carried out, how the temple should be built etc. He gave details down to the kind of nails, clip and tread that should be used. God has not changed, He has not become forgetful, He is still very much the same, yet He omitted detail when it came to the new covenant.

Paul didn't write on the 7 steps to planting a church, he didn't write about the 5 structures inherent in every church, and he definitely did not mention the 3 prerequisites of a Christian meeting. Instead of us to ask ourselves why God purposely omitted these things, we just ignore all that, we don't care about what God wants. All we know is that we want a list and we must get it whether God likes it or not, so we storm the bible trying to construct, for ourselves, something that God didn't give us.

That is what we always do with our many theologies and teaches, always trying to construct a list that God never gave us. Even the whole idea of the "Bible" is to construct a book of the covenant that God didn't give us. We act as if God is foolish, as if He was so busy that he forgot to give us a covenant book, or a list on how to do church. And then we feel that we need to help God in His weakness, to help Him in His forgetfulness.

Who do we think we are? Always offering assistance to God as if He is so small that He cannot help Himself. We really have a very small view of God, we have often downplay this Mighty Being, may He forgive us. So God omitted these things, does that mean He is foolish? Of course no! Then why did He omit it?

A better question should be; how can you see Christ and still be asking for a list? The Almighty emptied Himself, pour it into Christ and gave us this Christ. How can you have him and still be looking for a book of the covenant, or a list of don't and dos, or some kind of "how to do" list?

Is Christ not enough?

Is he not enough to live the Christian life?

Is he not enough to do all that is needed to be done?

Yes, Christ is the "how to do" list that God has to offer. He has given us His fullness, and there is nothing left to give. He has totally emptied Himself in Christ, what else are we looking for?

Is the fullness of God not enough?

I will say it again, we have such a small view of God. How can you ask for more when you already have His fullness, is there anything "more" than the fullness of God?

What "more" could there be other than God?

Is He not sufficient?

Oh, I can go on and on, it is so sad how foolishly we have been thinking and going about things. So sad it grieves the Father's heart. May our eyes be open and may we repent from our foolish ways. So how do we do church?

Christ is how we do church, we see Christ and we become the church. It is always the seeing of him that brings about the church. The early Christians saw him and they became a church. Oh, they never saw a list on "how to do church". Can't you see, it doesn't work that way, let us abandon the mentality of the world and how dead men do their things.

It is Christ, he is all we need to see to become the church, the ecclesia of the kingdom. When we see him we realize that we are a family united by one life (blood), this life has made us one and we can't live without each other.

When we see Christ we want to meet and talk about him, we want to talk about how beautiful he is, how glorious, our attractive, how adorable, how amazing, how loving, how kind, how mighty, how wonderful, how pleasurable, how sweet, how joyful, how peaceful, how great, how marvelous, oh we can't stop talking about him, look at us going on and on and on about this Christ, this Christ, this Christ. Oh, this Christ, we just can't get enough of him.

When we see him we would want to demonstrate him to each other, to express the love that he has pour out on us, to imitate is wonderful acts, to be like the one we are obsessed with, to be mentored by his being  to bear his image.

So we meet to be a family, we meet to talk about the one we are obsessed about, to express our adoration for him, and pour out sweet worship to this beautiful one. We seek to express him to each other, to demonstrate the kindness that he has shown to us, to share openly what we have experienced of him in the secret place.

When we meet we gather to see Christ, this beautiful Christ and his diversity in his body. We want to see the many sidedness of Christ as expressed by each member. We want to behold the unsearchable, the infinite measure, the innumerable dimension and riches of this Christ.

That is how to do church, it is seeing Christ, it has always been about seeing Christ. Oh, if only we have a group of people, with close proximity, who have truly seen Christ then we would have the church in it purest and truest form. Yes, we would have a glorious church, a true expression of the ecclesia of the kingdom. It is organic, it has always been, for it is a matter of life, yes Christ the Life.

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