Saturday, 1 December 2018

Labour For Maturity

At a time I started getting serious with my relationship with God, the Lord showed me something very dear to his heart. I saw his bride manifesting in the fullness of her glory and demonstrating the greatness of the victory that Christ won for her. It was a revelation of an event that is to come, the Lord is bringing his people to fullness.

After I saw that the Lord continued to emphasize to me how much he wants fullness for his people. Yes, he wants nothing less than fullness to be demonstrated in this age, that the world might behold his glory through his Ecclesia. After coming to an understanding of how badly the Lord wants fullness for his people it became my pursuit.

Yes, it is not enough that we get born again and discover the correct doctrine, we must grow into maturity. The Lord is tired of having so many overgrown babies, he wants to have mature sons. And the only thing that would make the sons mature is a very close walk with the Father.

As good as theology and doctrine is, it is just not enough. We all need to know the Father and to be awaken to the Life of the Son. It is only the Son (Christ) that can walk with the Father, flesh cannot. So this is where we need to press; we need to reach out beyond this flesh and enter into the life of the Son.

"For we which have believed do enter into rest,.. Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest," (Heb 4:3,10).

Some of us have come to the realization of the rest we have in Christ. While it is very good to know that Christ has established everything for us, we should not just sit and sing hallelujah. Look at the words of the writer of the book of Hebrews. We who believe have entered into rest yet we must labor to enter into rest. Do you notice two "enter" in that scripture?

We believe and as a result we enter into the rest, but still we need to labour to enter into rest. The first "enter" there is at the spirit level; In the spirit you are in rest, you are in Christ's finished work. While the second "enter" is referring to the manifestation of that rest in our life. In the spirit we are already in the rest but it shouldn't stop there, we still have to labour to bring into manifestation in our flesh the reality of that rest.

This is where growing into maturity is emphasize. Christ is God manifesting in the flesh, as such the fullness of Christ is God fully manifesting in the flesh. We are the body of this Christ, therefore our job is to have God fully manifest in our flesh, let God walk the earth through us, let Him be free to manifest the fullness of His glory in our lives, let the victory of the cross be fully made manifest in our lives. Let the world look at us and exclaim, "thy Lord, he is God". Let them behold his glory and declare that the Son of God walks among man.

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