Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Flesh, Forsaken On The Cross

"My God My God, Why Have Thou Forsaken Me?" That is the cry of the one on the cross, the one abandoned to die and forgotten. This is the plan that God has for the flesh, it is God's purpose for the flesh.

Yes, the flesh is to be abandoned on the cross, left to die. "Why have thou forsaken me", that is His will for the flesh and the sons must declare, "not my will oh God, but let your will be done". God has forsaken the flesh, it is time we come in terms with that.

Look at us, so busy decorating the flesh, empowering the flesh, exalting the flesh, trying to increase your self-esteem, to boast your ego, to attain a status, to attain self development or self-improvement all those activities directed toward furnishing and adorning the flesh.

Can't you see, the flesh is to be forsaken on the cross, if you can see this you would not waste so much time decorating the flesh. It is destined for the cross, it is destined to be emptied there. Whatever you are using to decorate the flesh right now it will all be emptied on the cross. Can't you see, it is a big waste of time, you have been wasting your time with the flesh.

"Why have thou forsaken me", you should have known all these while that this is where the flesh will end up, forsaken, yes forsaken. All of your efforts gone down the drain. You will meet with frustration, that is just the way it is when you go about occupied with decorating the flesh.

Some try to decorate the flesh with a kind of righteousness, one that they produce by themselves. Some say they need money before they can do the will of God, so off they go occupied with empowering the flesh. Little do they know that when they finally come to God in surrender He would first take them to the cross and put to waste all their efforts in empowering the flesh. Yes, He would empty it all, and then you will realize that you have wasted your time, "Why have thou forsaken me".

Your thinking is wrong, you have swallowed the wrong teaching. God is not out to do self-empowerment, every self is destined for the cross, forsaken and left there to die. Forget that rubbish they have been feeding you with, forsaken it now, for God has forsaken it.   Focus instead on Christ and on growing into the fullness of him.

Stop crying, "why have you forsaken me", focus on the power of the resurrection. Stop holding on to the flesh, it has been forsaken, you need to forsaken it too and move on. Focus now on Christ, let him be your only focus, your goal, your pursuit, your life's purpose. Yes, surrender to the cross that which belongs to the cross, and move on to experience the glorious life of the resurrection power.

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