Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Knowing The Concept Or The Person

a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in him, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth. (Eph 1:10).

Christ is our all in all; He is all things christian — yes the sum of it all. He is the only thing in Christianity; the one thing that is all. Please do try to read my previous posts in order to catch up. We were reconciled into a relationship — not enrolled into a school. All things christian are not about concepts but about a person. They are not about a concept called salvation, but the person of salvation. We are not called to know a concept called "grace", but rather the person who is our Grace (Christ). And definitely, this is not about learning or teaching concepts such as healing, spiritual power, faith, wisdom, love, gentleness, self-control, discipline, faithfulness, righteousness, holiness, etc.

We are called into a relationship with the person of God; to know this personality, become acquainted with this person, learn to walk with Him, to do everything together with Him, to become so close, so inseperateable and so intimate with this person. Yes, it is all about relationship. It is not about don'ts and dos, laws, terms and conditions, religious obligations or responsibility, rituals and rites, etc.

We seem to treat the things of God as if they are dead things, and we get so acquainted and intimate with these dead things. This is why we are producing so much death! Yes, concepts are dead things, they are things merely subject to the human mind. Death can only decay, disintegrate, divide, break down, degrade and become ugly and stink!

Look around you. What do you see in today's Christianity? Do you agree that there are a lot of division, breakdown, degradation, ugliness, putrefaction, and all these are a proof that we have given ourselves to death. Concepts are dead things. Christ is the only living thing.

Let me demostrate further how approaching the things of God as concepts (rather than a person) can lead to so much death. We may both look at grace and you say that is what grace is, while I say no this is what grace is, and the both of us end up in a debate. Concepts are subject to human minds — to human perception — and people perceive things differently so we can never find unity on that ground. We will always have different opinions on what these things are.

Now let's look at grace as a person. Isn't he tangible? He is not subject to our minds. You can't just think whatever you want to think and say that is what grace is. If the both of us have come to know him through a long period of relationship, then our eyes are opened to see him. So when we look, we are actually seeing the same thing. We are in relationship with the same person. We have come to know him by experience, so when I say a certain thing about him you are also able to relate. And then we end up talking about intimate moments with him, we exchange living experiences, and then unintentionally we have begun to fellowship — talking about this beautiful Christ and His sweet personality.

Yes, when we have relationship with the things of God (which is Christ himself) we will easily have fellowship with each other. Fellowship will come so naturally, and rather than spending so much time arguing, we will spend much time fellowshiping.

It is lack of relationship that makes us meet and begin to argue and argue. We meet on the grounds of concepts, on the grounds of dead things, and death always produces division. If we approach the things of God as a person and we meet on that ground, even when we disagree, we can always ask the person himself. He is not dead, he is present with us!

The good thing about tangible things is that they are very objective, unlike concepts. If we are both looking at John, for example, we can easily tell if he is black or white. There is no argument about this if we can both clearly see. John is not subject to our minds, so we can't just think whatever we like and say this is what John is. If there is any kind of disagreement, we can always call someone who can see more clearly, or better still we can ask John himself.

You see, by this, we can actually be united in faith and knowledge of the Son of God (Eph 4:13). Our many arguments will finally cease. We will be mature as we have now come to know Him in a living way — as a person, yes as a personality! We will truly know him, because intimacy is how a person is truly known. We would remain so divided, producing much death if we continued approaching the things of God as mere concepts. Beloved, this is not the path to maturity. The real path to maturity is relationship.

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