Friday, 25 January 2019

The Just Shall Live By Faith

Faith is the life of the just. Outside of faith, there is no life. The just only finds life within the confines of faith, and each of their actions is by faith.

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." (James 2:26)

"We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak . . . " (2Cor 4:13)

Faith is not just something you do in your heart. It is something that springs forth into action and this is how the just live. They do not live by the knowledge of good and evil. They do not do things simply because they were commanded to do so.

Living by instructions is what robots do. They simply follow written computer codes. They are programmed. This is how they function. Without these programmes, they can do nothing. But the just live by faith; they see with the eyes of faith and then react or respond to what they are seeing. That is real life!

We are called to "look away unto Jesus". (Heb 12:2). As we look, the Christ in us springs into action. This is how the new creation lives. If you are truly looking, then you will be living! For example one who is afraid of snake, stand close to a place were a snake is. As long as he does not look and see the snake he would not act on his fear of snake. But the moment he sees and know that indeed there is a snake close to his leg that fear of snake that is already in him will suddenly move him into action.

It is not possible for him to see the snake and do nothing, because in him lies the fear of snake. They say seeing is believing, as long as you can make him believe that there is a snake close to his leg he will jump into action.

This is how humans are. Sometimes you never know the kind of person you are until you find yourself in certain situation. As certain things happen, you watch how you react to them, and that is how you learn about your true nature. You may never know you are allergic to peanuts until you eat one. You may never know that certain things get you very angry until you're exposed to them.

I speak of the new creation in Christ. Christ lives in you and you will never really know this Christ if He doesn't spring into action. This Christ will never spring into action if you are not occupied with interacting with the new creation (the reality in Christ); and you cannot interact with the new creation except by faith. In this new creation — in this land, which is in Christ — every step we take is by faith. We exist in this land only by faith. We can do nothing in this land except by faith. And as we continue to interact with this new creation and live in this land, the Christ in us takes over. He springs into action and lives in our stead.

"For whatsoever, is not of faith is sin." (Rom 14:23)

Anything outside of faith is sin. There is nothing for the just outside of faith. The just is dead outside of faith. He only lives in the confines of faith. This is why faith is important. It is not passive. Looking can never be passive as long as there is life in you. As long as Christ is inside of you, then each time you fix your eyes on a reality in Christ then that Christ in you will spring into action, he will compel you to do something.

By "look" here I am referring to seeing with your mind's eyes, which simply means believing a truth, for no one have truly believe a truth until he is able to see it as a reality in he heart. What you believe — yes, what you see — will surely cause you to act. And if you are believing Christ and looking at Christ then you will act Christ.

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