Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Wisdom Of God In A Mystery

The work is in the rest. If we truly want to do the work of God, then we must first find the rest of Christ. Only in this rest will we find work. Any work outside of this rest is a perversion—a work of the flesh. It is not at all christian. The true work of God only exists in the rest of Christ, and the deeper we enter into this rest, the greater work we are able to do. So in seeking to do the work of God, we are to seek for this rest, push to enter into it and press on to be filled with it. We seek rest not because we are irresponsible or hate work. Not at all! We seek rest because we greatly desire work. We really want to work! And we have seen that the only way to this work is rest.

To be dead is to truly live. Only in dying in Christ can we be able to live by Christ. True life is found only in death. We do not emphasize death because we are sadists, or because we just like the idea. We talk about death because we really desire life. We want to live; we want to live the real life—the life that is Christ—that is why we keep pushing for the reality of death. Our main goal is to live, but we can't live if we don't die. So we press on to death. We talk about it and how important it is. We seek to experience it, to have it work in us. That I might be conformed to His death, then I will experience the power of His resurrection.

Here we go again emphasizing weakness like a group of people with an extreme low self-esteem. True strength is in weakness. For my strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor. 12:9). Our true desire is not weakness but strength. And this strength we are crazy about lies deep in weakness. So we are left with no choice than to seek weakness. The weaker we get in this, the stronger we become. The more we are emptied—finding no sufficiency in ourselves and falling to lean completely on God—the more we would demonstrate the glorious strength of God. Yes, we purposely seek to be weak; yes, we purposely refuse to find any sufficiency in ourselves; yes, we consciously refuse to find any strength in ourselves. All we do is look unto God and Him alone! He is our sufficiency and our strength. Beloved, it is important to reiterate if possible for a hundred times that until we come to this state of weakness, we will not have God as our strength.

The last is the first, this is why we seek the last position. Yes, we seek the last position! Did that sound strange to you? It is the wisdom of God in a mystery. While others are busy pursuing first we are busy pursuing the last. We are fighting to be last, for only when we are last are we truly first. The world does not understand this truth, for it is a mystery onto them. Do not be shocked when you see us making ourselves look foolish, accepting insult, refusing to put ourselves first, or refusing to insist on our rights. We give ourselves to serving the little ones, pushing them forward, and giving them all that honour while we stay behind, seeking not to be acknowledged or approved by others. Are we dumb? No, we aren't. Our goal is to be last For only when we are last are we truly first.

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