Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Christ; The Head

I read stories of leaders who have such faithful followers — followers that are ready to do anything he says without questioning. No matter what the instruction may be, even if it means losing their lives or something they care about they simply follow without questioning. To the followers orders are orders and must be followed no matter what.

To be able to trust someone to the extent that you are sure whatever decision he makes is the best one. To be so loyal to a leader that you are ready to follow him to the pit of hell. These are just mortal leaders, men filled with imperfections. How many of us will follow Christ to the fire, how often have we hold back and ask a million questions? The ways of the Lord, His wisdom, is far beyond us yet we are so quick to question it.

"Who is able to advise the Spirit of the LORD? Who knows enough to give him advice or teach him?" (Isa 40:13).

Christ is our head and he is the wisdom of God. He is not in need of our advice, he always knows the right move to make, we are simply to follow. It doesn't matter whether we understand why he gives the instructions, we simply follow.

"Through faith we understand" (Heb 11:3).

Most often it is after we believe, trust and follow that we understand why he gave the instruction. If you have not exercise faith you will never understand. Most times we wait to understand before we have faith, such waiting is futile. By faith the mind of the Spirit is open and we can comprehend God to a degree. But first you must have faith and just follow. He is the head of the body, the body simply follows whatever comes from the head.

The body does not argue with the head of question the head, in fact it does not have the ability to do that. Those who are truly one with Christ have lost the ability to argue and question his decisions, they simply follow wherever he leads. The truth is that many of us have not know Christ as Lord. We know him as salvation, we know him as grace but we have not know him as Lord.

We have not seen him deal with us as Lord; we have not been handled by him as Lord. And this is because we have not know him deeply enough. Most of us are still in the beginning stages of relationship with God, the stages of salvation and grace. We have not yet entered the place of his Lordship where he breaks us and brings us into obedience. When you are broken you will lose the ability to argue and ask many questions, you will only know yieldingness.

The Head (Christ) desire to have a yielding body and this means each one of us must know his Lordship. We must all be handled by the strong arm of the Lord, we must be broken and brought into conformity and yieldingness to the Lord. When we finally have this we would have Christ fully functioning on earth fulfilling the Father's will.

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