Monday, 4 February 2019

The Reformation Of Reconciliation

For too long we have approached God on religious grounds. Right from the beginning man have been religious, it is all we know. But Jesus came to bring relationship, he reconciled us to God, he made peace so that we can boldly and freely approach the Father.

We have shifted from religion to relationship. You may have heard this a number of times but we don't really realize how deep this is. When we hear Grace we think about a concept, a term. When righteousness is mentioned we still think about a concept, and when the topic of power is brought up we end up talking about it as another concept.

We haven't truly realize that the things of God is God Himself. We are still largely dealing with concepts, acts, practices, rather than a person — God. That is religion, it is all about practices, abstract concepts and all the many dead things (like objects and so). But relationship is about the person, it is all a dealing with the person. When we are talking about Grace we are talking about the person, if it is righteous that is the topic they should hear us talk about the person who is our righteousness. And the day we are talking about power, we talk about the person who is the power of God.

All our dealings and conversations should be about the person. When we get to that level then we can say we are truly dealing with God on the ground of relationship. But the truth is that it will be difficult to get there, it is not simply shifting from the way we talk about Christian things. It is shifting in the whole of our Christian walk.

When you haven't known Grace as a person how would you be able to talk about him? When you haven't met the person who is the power of God how would you be able to talk about him? When you haven't entered into fellowship with the One who is the Truth and learn his personality as Truth, what would you say if the topic is ever brought up. This brings Christianity to not just studying the concept, but knowing the person on the ground of relationship.

Rather than simply studying Grace as a concept we begin to seek to know Christ as Grace, to have relations with this dimension of Christ. There will be a shift from merely studying concepts to pursuing relationship with God in his many dimensions. Rather than, "I want to know what Grace mean; what is the definition of Grace?" Our question will become, "I want to know Christ as Grace".

I want to know Christ (as the power of God).
I want to know Christ (as my salvation).
I want to know Christ (as the wisdom of God).

"I want to know Christ", our focus shifting to the pursuit of the knowledge of him, the person (not a concept about the person). Yes, it is an holistic transformation of our Christian life; a complete reformation of how we approach Christianity. So sure, such level of transformation would be quite difficult. But this is what God desire, he wants relationship. And imagine how productive we would become if we do it God's way.

I am doing as much as I can in my teachings (although I wish to do more than just teaching) to produce this transformation, but we must all join hands and let this transform touch us individually and also let it affect those around us. It can become very infectious, bringing reconciliation (and not just religion or theology) to the people. Most of what is called reformation today is nothing but theology, but the kind of reformation that God desire is reconciliation — a reformation that brings the people into a living relationship with God, rather than filling them with head knowledge. Knowledge is good but that is not where it stops, the people must be brought into a living relationship with God.

Reconciliation into a living relationship is the kind of reformation that will produce the kind of fruit that God desire. The fruit of an intimate relationship is life. Yes, life is born out of that relationship. Life is what this dead  world needs, not dead concepts and theologies. Let each one of us begin to produce life in abundance as we engage God in an intimate way, then life will be everywhere, filling all things, bringing to life that which has been dead.

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