Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Towards Having True Fellowship

"But if we walk in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other," (1John 1:7).

Christ is the light and we cannot have fellowship with each other except we are walking in Christ. Our fellowship is on the ground of Christ; we do not fellowship around theology, doctrines, ideas, concepts, religion, denomination and so on. We fellowship around Christ.

We cannot fellowship around Christ if we have not been walking in Christ. If all we know is theology, doctrines, church things and religion, we cannot help but fellowship around those things. We can only know Christ when we have been busy walking in the Light with the Father. And it is the riches that is brought out of this walk that becomes the bases of our fellowship.

What I am saying is that when we fellowship together we talk about things we have learnt while walking in the Light, we share experiences, he distribute gifts that we've absorbed while walking in the Light, we edify each other with what we have gotten from walking in the Light.

Only Christ is truly edifying to your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. No amount of motivational speech will do, theology and doctrines cannot go far enough, display of charisma is totally worthless, what they need from you is Christ, and how can you have Christ if you have not been walking in the Light.

If we are to have a true fellowship then we must have Christians who have mastered a daily and constant walk in the Light, and sadly we have very few of those. My dear, I have searched so I know. We lack true fellowship because Christians don't know how to maintain a consistent walk in the Light, and those that are even trying do not know how to distribute (share in the place of fellowship) the riches they have gotten from there — they don't know how to convert their walk in the Light into fellowship with the brethren.

We lack true fellowship and it is because of the way we have been configured. We have been configured to gather around religious activities (church service), theologies and doctrines. We just don't know how to gather around Christ. We don't know how to share Christ with one another, or talk about Christ.

Oh, we are very good in talking about topics, we can spend hours in that. But when it comes to talking about the person we just don't know how. We may know him, we may have fellowship with him, but we just don't know how to talk about him, we were not taught that. We are often scared that when we try to talk about him as a person we would not have much to say. And one of the causes of this problem is that we are not awaken or conscious enough in our walk in the Light.

Yes, you are walking in the Light but you are doing it so unconscious and as such you can't talk about it. It is only those few things that are difficult to ignore that you could remember and share with the brethren. You are just not conscious of it so you come out almost empty. We don't know how to draw riches in our walk in Christ. We were not taught to be awaken enough, to focus on drawing riches as we walk in the Light and that is why we keep coming to fellowship almost empty, with not enough Christ to share with the brethren.

There are a lot we must learn if we are to have true fellowship as a body;

We must learn to walk in the Light.

We must learn how to be consistent in this walk.

We must learn how to draw riches from this walk.

And we must learn how to share and distribute the riches in the place of fellowship.

When we learn these things then our fellowship with one another will be more glorious and rich — yes rich with Christ, not rich with religion or theology. Rich and glorious fellowship will result to speedy growth among Christians. We have a very long way to grow and we need speed. If we continue at this rate we would never be the sons that God wants us to be.

Most of us that manage to grow significantly did that struggling alone in our individual walk with God, and those that are not strong enough for this simple give up. Yes, we are too individualistic and there are many that are not strong enough for this individual struggle. The body was created to help the weak, and a rich fellowship will be very helpful, it will reduce the amount of people who gives up, it will reduce the amount of people who gets stuck at some point, it will birth more mature Christians.

The Lord desire to see mature sons walk the earth and we are going to give him that. A true fellowship is the way to that, I have explained above what we need to get there. Please let us pursue this, let us not be contented with church service and teaching programs. Yes, they may have a lot of value but we also need true fellowship. We need brethren who are exploring the riches of Christ gather together and learn to edify each other, adorning each other with the riches they have gotten, that we might have a glorious bride, filled with the riches of the Lord. 

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