Friday, 1 March 2019

Christ; The Eternal Garden

Before time, and before the existence of anything there was God. He existed in Himself, for He is all that exists. But then He conceived a plan, to create a being like Him, the bone of His bone, the flesh of his flesh, a woman, a bride. His plan is to bring her into Himself, and exist together with her.

He began creation, and planted a garden in Eden to testify of the plan he conceived in eternity. In that garden he placed man in the riches of His creation, and after He had created man He rested. He rested with man in that garden.

In the cool of the day, in the hour of rest God is found walking in the garden, seeking to spend the time of rest with man. This is a picture of the desire He had in eternity. God has always had rest in Himself and now He desire to bring another being into His garden that He might rest together with her.

There He sent Christ (which is Himself) that he might dwell in man and become the garden, the place of rest where God and man shall fellowship together. The garden that Adam lost is here again, but this time we have the reality not the shadow.

The garden is in you, this garden is not like the one where God goes and comes. God does not walk-in in the cool of the day, because in this garden it is always the cool of the day, and God is always there. God lives in this garden and He has invited you to come live with Him.

Do you hear His voice calling, "rest my son, just rest". He is calling you into that garden of rest. Look, you have been distracted for too long. Although Christ lives in you yet you still continue to labour, trying to live life, to be a good Christian, a good father, mother, brother, sister, friend, worker, citizen. All that struggle and hard work trying to do the right thing, it is enough, rest is hear now.

The voice of God is calling, "come into rest with me, let us rest together, let us fellowship and come to know each other, you cannot truly know me with all that noise, come into my rest and you will know me intimately". You don't have to worry about the many works left undone, when you finally find rest with Him He will begin to work through you and with you (Phil 2:13).

Oh, do you hear Him? If you do, do not hesitate to listen. Follow that voice, let it lead you into the garden planned for you since before the foundation of the world. Come and rest in Christ, than you will truly know God and enjoy intimacy with Him.

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