Saturday, 16 March 2019

Christ Is How We Test All Spirits

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God;" (1John 4:1).

The word "spirit" as used in scripture could mean different things. It could mean the realm of the spirit, or a spirit being, but it could also mean an attitude.

"And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;" (Eph 4:23).

The verse above is not referring to a spiritual being inside your mind, rather it is talking about an attitude or a state of the mind. Some other version puts it this way, "attitude of your minds", or "mental attitude". Yes, it is not every time the word spirit means a spiritual being, it could also mean an attitude, a disposition that has formed over time and cemented, creating a stronghold that is difficult to bring down or change.

However in this topic we are not just talking about spirit we are also talking about desire, attitude, emotions, convictions and so on. How do we know that a leading is actually from Christ? There are times that we feel led to do something but then we begin to question whether the leading is from Christ or not.

My dear, going to check the bible might not always help, what if it is about something that is not directly or clearly written in the bible? This is why we must all know Christ and his Lordship. In Christ we know all things, we already have the ability to discern good and evil, we can easily tell if something is not of God.

This has already been established in Christ, it is finished! So whenever you feel confusion about a voice in your head, a desire, conviction or a leading, just remember that there is no confusion in Christ. This is what you should do, focus on Christ, let go of what you feel is right or wrong, get emptied, die to yourself, to your opinion — it is not about you, it is about Christ.

It is not about what you think is right, it is about what Christ thinks is right, it is not about what you want, it is about what Christ want. So let yourself die and come into the life of resurrection, focus on Christ. Keep telling yourself that Christ is all that matters, what he wants is all that matters, what he thinks is all that matters, what he desire is all that matters, what he says is all that matters.

This requires submission, you must let go of everything and be ready to accept whatever comes from Christ. If you are thinking in your mind that, "I will still do what I want to do if Christ says something other". God will not reveal His will to you if you are not ready to accept it. You must bow your head in utter submission.

Finding out what Christ wants should be your greatest desire at that particular time. Press into Christ, press into oneness with him, enter into his heart and begin to think his thoughts. Feel his desire, his emotions, know what he wants to do and embrace it. Yes, the more you focus and press into Christ the more your desire will fade; your idea, your conviction, and whatever it is that is of your flesh. The cross will take it all away until all that is left is Christ.

This means if the leading that you have before is not of Christ then it will die. This is how you test all spirits, this is how you are able to tell if something is of Christ or not. Only that which is Christ can survive the cross, only that which is Christ has the power of resurrection.

Practicing this frequently with help you enter into oneness with Christ, in time you will begin to manifest him whether consciously or unconsciously. And you can even try this on other things, for example if you want to know whether a dream is from God or not, just do it, and when you have come into that oneness then think about the dream. If you feel repelled then it is not from God, but if there is a witness in your heart then it is from God.

You can do this with many other things. It will help you begin to know the indwelling Christ. You will know him more, you will know what he likes, what he wants and so on. The Christian life is all about becoming one with Christ, although we already are one with him in the spirit, yet still we have to work towards it in the flesh.

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