Monday, 18 March 2019

Christ Is The Realm Of The Spirit To Us

When you talk about the realm of the spirit the first thing that comes to people's mind is some kind of vision or dream where there is all this spirit things and beings. But to us Christians Christ is the realm of the spirit; "in the spirit" means "in Christ" to us. What is in the reality in Christ, is what is in the spirit. For example in Christ we are seated with God in heaven, in the spirit we are sitting with God in heaven (Col 3:1-3).

To describe the spirit is to describe the reality in Christ, anything other than that is just mystical and religious rubbish. Christ is our heaven, our realm of the spirit, our home. In him we live and move and have our being. The realm of the spirit is not about angels and mystical things, it is about the reality in Christ.

I keep hearing people describe the realm of the spirit saying it contains a lot of evil spirits. Well, I have been in the spirit several times and all I see is Christ. Whenever I am in the spirit we are in such perfect union, he is in me and by my side and all over me. When he speaks I could hear him inside of me and outside at the same time. He is just everywhere. We really need to understand that we have been placed in Christ, we are inside him.

"For in him we live and move and exist." (Acts 17:28).
"And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:" (Eph 2:6).

In the heavenly places we are in Christ. We are not just in the heavenly places (in the realm of the spirit), but we are in Christ in the heavenlies. In him we exist, wherever we are we are always in him. In heaven we are in him, on earth we are in him, we just cannot exist outside of him.

So all this talk about being careful because the realm of the spirit is filled with evil, we forget that we are in him. In him no evil spirit can touch us, no deceptive spirit can mislead us. In him we cannot be deceived by the wrong voices in the spirit, we cannot be misled by deceptive visions from lying spirits. All those things can only happen outside of him.

The only carefulness that we need is to abide in him. We ascribe all these danger to the realm of the spirit, making it fearful to approach, and we forget that the physical realm is even more dangerous yet we safe in it because we abide in Christ.

"We have a strong city, Salvation City, built and fortified with salvation." (Isa 26:1).

When we were saved we were placed into a fortified city, with huge impenetrable walls. Sin cannot touch us here, darkness cannot come near us, all the evil in the world cannot harm us.

"Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it." (Matt 16:18).

If all the power of hell is unleashed and set against us it cannot conquer us, because we are in Christ, our fortified city of salvation. All the powers of hell unleashed cannot leave a crack on the fortification of our city. We are safe here. Though there is sin in the world but as long as we abide in Christ it cannot touch us.

We only commit sin when we are not abiding in Christ. In the flesh (the physical realm) we struggle to abide in Christ because we are still carrying around Adam's body, the same body that died when he sin. And that death has greatly damaged the body so much so that even after salvation it still has that tendency to fall into sin.

But this imperfection is not in our spirits. Our spirits is not like the flesh that is always struggling to abide in Christ. Instead, our spirit "is hidden with Christ in God" (Col 3:3). Yes, our spirit is hidden deep in Christ, it is secured. We are more secured in the realm of the spirit than in the physical realm.

We are safer in the spirit realm than in the physical realm. Yes, this physical reality is even more dangerous for us, the real danger lies here. The reason why believers get deceived and misled by evil spirits in the spirit realm is because they have been deceived in the physical realm.

When the devil has succeeded in deceiving you in the physical realm then it becomes easier for him to mislead you in the spirit by causing you to hear the wrong voices and deceptive dreams or visions. The real problem is in the physical realm. If you have the knowledge that in the spirit you are hidden in Christ then you will be able to approach the spirit realm in Christ. But once the devil is able to deprive you of that knowledge, and get you to go into the realm of the spirit while in the flesh then he can easily mislead you in the realm of the spirit.

In our spirit we already know all things, we know the truth. But in our flesh (this physical body) we do not know all things, we can be deceived. This is why the devil must start the deception from the flesh, causing you to approach the spirit apart from Christ and away from the walls of salvation. When you are not within the walls of salvation all the evil that exists can have you and do whatever they like with you, they can easily deceive you. But this deception didn't start from the spirit realm it started from the physical, the real danger is in the physical realm.

So we don't need to be afraid of the realm of the spirit, it is the physical realm we should be afraid of, especially because of the tendency of our flesh to be deceived. We need to be very careful in our getting of knowledge right here in physical. Once we are careful enough in the physical then there will be no issues when we approach the spirit realm. In the spirit we are hidden in Christ, placed secured within the fortification of salvation.

You cannot exist apart from Christ, always have that in mind. And whenever you are approaching the realm of the spirit do it in Christ, do not do it in the flesh (this is where the danger lies).

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