Friday, 22 March 2019

Prayer; Stirring Up The Fire

I once wrote a post about how prayer is pouring out the desire that God has put in you in other for you to enter into it and become one with it [here is link to the post]. This post is an extension of that previous post. It is one thing for God to put something in you, it is another thing for you to enter into it.

The process is not yet complete until you enter into it, because this process is meant to make you one with God. This oneness is the most important thing in all of eternity, more important than buying cars, building houses, making wealth, having families and whatever thing humans consider important.

"Pray without ceasing." (1The 5:17)

Prayer is how you become one with God. He puts a piece of Himself into you and you must stir it up by prayer. Keep praying, keep stirring it up till it consume you and you are absorbed into it — this is the path to oneness. Let's say God gave you a desire to see the body of Christ grow, become mature, and be freed from ignorance.

Don't just sit there pray out that desire, pray and keep pray. Let that desire consume you, become passionate for this thing. This is how God builds us into the person He wants us to be. It starts with a little desire in your heart, but you must stir it up, you must pray without ceasing. By doing so you are entering into what God has put in you, you are being built into the person that God wants you to be, you are becoming one with the Christ in you.

I remember at a time I recognized a desire to manifest the indwelling Christ. It became my prayer, I just kept saying, "Lord I just want you, I want you to live through me, I want nothing else but to manifest you". I kept praying it morning till night, and even as I fall asleep I am whispering these words. The more I do so, the more the desire grows.

It became the only thing that matters to me, and before I knew it I could feel the Christ in me. I could feel him wanting to live, I could feel what he wants, what he thinks, what he feels. I know what he wants to do most of the time, I was no longer lost in myself, feeling and doing only what I want.

Now I know Christ, I could see him living in my. The next step is to learn to yield to him, and this was not too difficult because this was what I have been desiring and praying for — it has become my highest passion, my dream being fulfilled. As I yielded myself and live my Christ I felt excited, I felt that I have just started truly living the Christian life.

Many Christians after years of being born again do not yet know the indwelling Christ, they cannot see him. The Christian life is to practice Christ, but when you tell them to practice Christ they go looking for a practical theology. Look inside of you is Christ, do you see him? Then practice him, manifest him, that is the Christ life.

Becoming one with Christ always starts with recognizing what God has put in you, and seeking to enter into it. Praying without ceasing helps you enter into what God has put in you.

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