Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Creativity Of The Creator And The Sons; Rich In Diversity

In my study of God there is something about Him that have always amaze me. The way He picks a thing about Himself and then speak of it in many different ways. Same thing, same principle, but yet being represented in ways too many and different. They are all saying the same thing, pointing to the same attribute of God, yet saying it in so many diverse ways.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard." (Psa 19:1-3).

Creation is God taking the attributes of Himself and speaking it in many different and diverse ways. They are all speaking of one person, one God, but in so much diverse ways. It is so fascinating how God could be so creative that He picks one thing and demonstrate it in ways so infinite.

I mean, when I am studying an attribute of God I look here and I find it, I go on to study this other thing and I find the same attribute, then I turn my eyes to another thing and find out that this other thing is still speaking of the same attribute. It is almost like God can never run out of the diverse ways He could demonstrate one thing.

His creativity leaves me utterly amazed, I am in awe of the infinite diversity of ways he could present a single thing. Not just in creation, but in everything He does He is so creative. He asked that the tent of the tabernacle be built, and it must be built according to His specifications. Right there, one could tell that this God is up to something.

The way He makes the tent as a whole speaks of something about Him, but He refuses to stop there. The instruments in the tabernacle is made to speak the same thing, the materials used to make the tabernacle is speaking the same thing, even down to the color of the tread, the way the tread is used, the kind of design, the nails that fasten the tent, every single one of them, made to speak one same thing. Yes, everything, down to the smallest detail, God is still being creative with that same thing He is trying to say.

I don't know if it is an hobby of His; something He just enjoys doing, but it is there, it is always there. I keep seeing this creativity of His and it amaze me, but then I wonder why I am not seeing this kind of creativity in those born of Him. If these ones are truly born of Him why am I not seeing this creativity in them?

I am hoping to see Christians do business and the business is speaking God, the very idea of the business is speaking about an attribute of God. The way the business is administered, speaking of God. The way the company building is even design is speaking God, the staff is organized in a way that unveils God. Down to the furnituring, the kind of instrument used, the whole of the system, speaking God, so that everywhere you turn to you are looking at God.

You can't hide your eyes away from Him, everything you look at is telling you about God. These people have known God to the extent that they have become super creative about Him. In everything they do they are just occupied unveiling Him. Whether consciously or unconsciously they are doing it, it is their nature, it just flows freely out of them.

They cannot think without thinking God (even when they are thinking about how to make money they are still thinking God), they cannot plan without planning God, they cannot do anything without doing God. His nature, his attributes, his person is the inspiration of everything they do. These people are so caught up in God that He is all they see, and do. They are so filled with Him that everything they touch begins to mold into His image. The sons of the Creator creating infinite ways to speak of God.

Look at us, we think it is only when we utter verbal words that we speak of God. God's plan is to fill all things with Himself, to make all things conform to the attributes of Him. This is His eternal purpose and He must achieve this, for it is inherent in His nature. And now He has given birth to sons with that same nature. Oh, may we grow into who we truly are.

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